How to Obtain Italian Immigration as an Investor

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Italy is a renowned immigration destination for Americans because it brings a mix of everything. You can start afresh with a European lifestyle, access excellent education and healthcare facilities, and unlock business and career opportunities. But citizenship routes are confined to descent, marriage, and naturalization. However, you need not worry if you qualify for none because you can get in as an investor. While the route is a bit longer and requires a hefty investment, it is a small price to pay. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend this route for people who can afford to spend on a second passport. Let us give a brief overview of the immigration journey with an investor visa.

Know Your Investment Options

The Italian investor visa process starts with investment in Italy, so you need nothing much but money. The good thing is that you have different options to invest in according to your preference and spending capacity. Here are the ones you can explore:

  • An innovating Italian startup- €250,000
  • An Italian company incorporated and operating here- €500,000
  • A philanthropic donation for a project of public interest- €1 million
  • Italian government bond- €2 million

Besides these requirements, you need to follow some basic criteria. Anyone over 18 years and with good health and a clean criminal record can apply. The investor visa is ideal for people with high net worth who afford to spend on it. But the ease of the process makes it worthwhile. Not to mention, you can bring your family and get residency rights.

Get Started with a Fast and Easy Process

After choosing an ideal investment option, you can go ahead with the process. Fortunately, it is fast and easy, so you can expect to wrap it up within months. You will have to obtain a nulla osta first. This certificate of no-impediment establishes your investment capabilities. You can apply online with documentary proof of investment funds and get the nulla osta in only 30 days. The good part is that you need not bring funds at this stage, but you only have to provide a declaration of intent. A nulla osta makes you eligible for applying for an investor visa at your local Italian Embassy. You have to take along some more documents showing you can support your family financially in Italy. If the papers are in place, you get the visa right away.

From Italian Residence to Citizenship

Once you have your investor visa, you can land in Italy and go ahead with the residency process. You get a valid residence permit for two years, and thereafter, you have to provide the committed investment in the country. Subsequent renewal is for three years, and you get a permanent resident status after five years in the country. After completing ten years here, you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization. All through the journey, you have to hold your investment in Italy. But the good part is that you can live here, access residency benefits, and acquire citizenship eventually.

The road seems long, but it is the best option if you do not qualify through other citizenship alternatives. You can collaborate with a visa expert who has a good understanding of immigration and citizenship laws. They guide you along the entire journey and ensure you do everything right to get Italian citizenship.

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