Popular Architectural Styles in the Residential Real Estate Market

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The architecture of a house is reflective of the personality it holds. The inspiration comes from the past, and in some cases, it may have some historical significance. The USA has been a witness to a vibrant history of colonial rulings until independence. The former Spanish and British reign brought some significant architectural forms that continue to dot the housing industry.

Numerous internal and external factors within the regional distinctions have impacted the housing styles in the country. With more modern and ecologically aware approaches, people’s requirements in a house have undergone many changes. The emphasis is on having a more cultivated and multi-purposeful space that guarantees safety and peace of mind to pursue any leisure activity.

Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the architectural styles that are gradually rising in the popularity charts.

Country Style

The country-style houses are one of the most classic and evergreen choices for choosing a home for a family. Also fondly referred to as “Manor Houses” for their spatial and enigmatic charm, its versatility makes it super likable. This is one of the few forms that’s a perfect mix of an industrial and traditional design. Further, the slightly rustic and old feel makes it even more homely.

A slightly more present-day adaptation is the trending Modern Farmhouse style. It is the countryside look that meets the urban edge. With monotone decor, it gives the country inspiration a chance to stand out. All in all, the balanced elements look very clean and streamlined.

Historical House

If you ask us, there is nothing more beautiful than a historic house. Whether it is an Italianate, Greek Revival, American Antebellum, or the old Foursquare, there is an unparalleled lure. According to the Wilmington NC real estate experts, there has been a steady rise in the number of people willing to buy these homes and renovate them into their own classier liking. A historical home offers you an in-depth sight into the past times along with the enticing stories that it may have lived through. It is an embodiment of a particular architectural style, which dominated the market at that time. More than a financial, it is an emotional investment and is a match made in heaven for you if you are a passionate history buff.

Colonial Revival

We do not blame you for being completely taken away with this one. Along with a fascinating-sounding name, what makes this so pleasing is a mixture of all kinds of American housing styles. This diverse style always allows a lot of remodeling and adaptation to suit personal needs and preferences. The configuration has a room for two-story detached houses with a hall at the center and a simple gabled roof. The garage and the porch beautifully blend in with the uncomplicated and harmonious design.

Contemporary and Modern

With growing ecological awareness, the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly homes is rising. What makes contemporary and modern homes really unique is that the materials used to make such homes are often organically resourced and repurposed. These houses are highly energy-efficient and rely on a mixed-use space. You will get to see an irregular and asymmetrical facade on the exteriors with abundant utilization of geometric shapes. Wood and stones are the most preferred materials for windows and doors. Taking an open floor plan as a guide, this style of home is largely dependent on natural light, minimum story’s, and recyclable thinking for household systems.

Craftsman Vibes

In the architectural world, these hold great value. Originally, this house style meant built from a plan. In recent times, these homes have become included in the Arts and Crafts style of architecture as well. They are crafted with very meticulous design, which is a result of highly experienced craftsmanship. These houses typically have very stand apart features like low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, heavy and tapered columns, and patterned window panes complete with a covered front porch. The exterior colors of these houses are reflective of mother nature. This is why most of the common tones are in the muted earthy shades like green, brown and taupe. Regarded as almost royalty in building styles, you would never go wrong with this option if you love simplicity.

English Cottage

No matter how old they get, the charm of an English cottage always remains unmatched. This style of housing feels very homely for its comforting and informal interiors. The cozy aura, coupled with a crisp and clean living, evokes a feeling of wholesomeness and natural sensibilities. If you decide to settle for this style, you will be spoilt for choices as they can be retained either in their original form or reconstructed in a modern way.

Georgian Forms

If you have your eyes for this one, you must be attracted to the purported splendor of pseudo-Georgian buildings. Apart from looking very approachable at the very first glance, these look very optimistically aesthetic.The classic architectural details and embellishments give the arrangement a very palatial and grand feel.

Traditionally Tudor

The primary reason for the popularity of this kind of housing style is their storybook appeal. If you have been looking for something that would represent a country manor’s romantic element, then this is it. It can be called a revival attempt of the older English domestic architecture. This particular style is exceptionally sturdy in its constructional design. Therefore, it is very suitable for areas that are susceptible to weather extremities.

Myriad materials are used to make this kind of house come together, including very detailed masonry and decorations, which readily give off a very wealthy influence. The most distinguishable features are a steeply pitched roof, front-facing gables, and stone chimneys, to name a few.


A home is your sanctuary and a place where you can see your family growing. It is very important to give consideration to your priorities when you are buying a home. It is a process that requires a lot of thoughtfulness and careful study. These are some of the most influential and phenomenal home designs that will rule the home market in 2021. We are hopeful that this article helps you select your favorite architectural style for your dream home.

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