Video Marketing Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Business

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A successful video marketing campaign is essentially a discipline that should be followed to the T. There are tried and tested methods that would ensure the campaignโ€™s success. Most of the time, video marketers get too engrossed with just a few facets. For example, they get too caught up on what kinds of distribution channels to tap and they forget to focus on the production. You have to understand that in order to maximize your video marketing, you have to concentrate on all the important aspects. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid:

Releasing just one video

Producing and releasing just one video and expecting great results is just too ridiculous. Uploading a video of information of your company or your product or service is not enough. This would be okay if you want to rank for definite long-tail keywords in the SERPS. However, if you want to increase brand awareness and customer relations, you will definitely need more than just a single video. You know why? Usually, viral videos are born after a business releases a couple. In order to have a successful video marketing campaign, you should reach a certain number of audience. To attract them and build a connection with them, you have to have many videos.

Not tapping the social media

The main goal of video marketing is to create enough brand awareness and widen your reach. Of course, the best medium to do this is social media. That is why it should be an important tool in your campaign. With the hundreds of millions of social media users, you can expect a great following and amazing response to your campaign โ€“ if it is done properly. With the ease and convenience of sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, you have no excuse for not being able to connect with most, if not all, your target market.

Forgetting to tell people what to do

In planning and creating your video marketing campaign, your goal should be clear. What do you want your audience to do? To try out your new service? To take advantage if a sale? Your message should be crystal clear. You should always remember to put a call to action line so your campaign will be successful.

Wrong timing

You are creating a video because you want to get a message across โ€“ what your product or service is, you have a new product, you have a new branch, you are having a sale, etc. Whatever it is you should take note of the proper timing of when you will upload or distribute it. For example, you are releasing a video about an exclusive event wherein people would have to sign up. If you publish the video too late, you might not get enough participants to attend. Some businesses also make the mistake of pouring all efforts on or after an event or project, when the hype is gone. Itโ€™s better if you would spend more time on promoting using the video before the event or launch to maximize its results.

Incomplete tags and incorrect descriptions

Making use of the proper keywords in your video tags is vital to your campaignโ€™s success. Make sure that your customers will be able to find your videos immediately when they search. Do not just use keywords that are in or are most use. Be careful in the words you will use since your audience might be annoyed that they can find you or they can find you when youโ€™re not the business they are looking for. Unrelated tags and content is a big boo-boo. Think about all the wrong links back to you when you are not relevant to the audience you hit. You gain new audience and customers when you can provide them with the right content and if are able to see you right away when they search.

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