The Top 8 Essential Items for a New Commercial Laboratory

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When building a new laboratory, you will face a lot of hurdles in the beginning. Opening a working lab is a huge task and there are many regulations, rules, and equipment and more to think about before you can get started.

Today we are going to take a look specifically at the equipment you need to bring into a laboratory and the essentials you should buy right away to allow you to work effectively.

Once the lab has been designed by a company like LOC Scientific and the shell is built, here are the things you need to bring into the space.

1. An Incubated Shaker – These are a critical part of any lab where cell cultures are grown, and the nutrients need to be evenly distributed.Β offers a variety of incubated shakers to meet every budget size and lab need.

2. Griffin Beakers – The number 1 thing you should bring into a lab is beakers. You will use beakers for pretty much everything including the transport of chemicals, dilutions, and synthesis. Make sure to buy plenty of beakers as they can break now and again when you are heating them and using them for experiments.

3. Lab Burners –Β Bunsen burners were always that fun tool we used in school when the teacher wasn’t looking, and it is a crucial tool in a working lab. When you need to heat and boil chemicals for an experiment a lab burner is important so be sure to have plenty of these lying around ready to be plugged into your gas taps.

4. Lab Stands –Tripods and stands can be used for many different things. A tripod is used to hold a beaker above a Bunsen burner, and a stand with clamps can be used to hold small test tubes and conical flasks.

5. Filters and Funnels – Filters are a huge part of lab work and they will allow you to filter off a synthesized solid from liquid as well as helping you to dry it out and weigh matter. They are an important thing to have in the lab during synthesis and they will be used for many different experiments. Funnels will be used for many different purposes and will ensure that you never spill corrosive acids on your hands in the lab.

6. Test Tubes –Β Test tubes are the most recognizable lab equipment piece and are used to observe a chemical reaction. For example, if you were to have a clear liquid in a flask with an indicator, you could add a base and observe when the color changes. Mixing certain solutions will make different things happen such as the mirror reaction that creates a silver liquid in the tube. You’ll be able to see exactly what happens when one thing is mixed with another.

7. Wash Bottles –
Wash bottles are crucial for the lab and they have a thin nozzle at the top that allows them to rinse glassware carefully and safely. It is important when cleaning chemicals such as sulphuric acid out of beakers and flasks. Companies such as Golyath offer a selection of laboratory and safety wash bottles to suit a variety of different needs.

8. Burettes –Burettes are large glass tubes that have an opening at the top and a thin nozzle at the bottom that can be opened and closed with a tap. If you have ever carried out a titration you will be all too familiar with this piece of equipment and it is used to measure out precise values into other flasks and beakers. The glass tube has measurements from top to bottom that allows you to measure to 0.1 of a ml.

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