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Is an Office Relocation Worth the Hassle?

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So, you’re thinking about moving to a new office?

It’s a big step, and your decision will have significant consequences for your business. The question is whether or not these will be positive or negative consequences!

Office relocations can be an excellent idea, but they can equally be terrible. Is it worth the risk? Is it worth all the hassle? It might be, but the only way you’ll figure this out is if you take into account what happens during an office move, and the potential pros and cons.

What Happens When You Move Your Office?

Naturally, you have many things to do during an office relocation. The first of which is figuring out where you’re moving. Then, you have to work on the logistics behind the move. As such, you’ll have to find a company like Bekins Moving Solution to help you pack up your vital office belongings and move them to the new place.

Next, there’s the moving in stage. Make sure you get everything unpacked and organized as quickly as possible. You also have to go through the effort of changing your address and setting up a redirection service for your mail (just in case some still get sent to the old address). Then, it’s a case of settling in and adjusting to your new office.

The Advantages of an Office Relocationarchitecture-22039_1280-315x210

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When you move into a new office, it can present a series of advantages:

  • An improved location, putting you closer to other businesses (enhanced networking opportunities) and making your company more visible in the public eye
  • A better-looking office, which can help to upgrade your reputation and improve your professional image. This may have an effect on how consumers view your business, and possibly generate more leads.
  • Potentially have more space in your office to create a more productive environment for your employees. Thus, business efficiency increases.
  • Access to better services – like faster Internet – which further improves productivity in the workplace

Effectively, moving offices can help you find a better place to work that’s in a more convenient location while offering an improved work environment. In turn, this can, directly and indirectly, affect your lead generation, sales, and business efficiency.

The Disadvantages of an Office Relocation

When you look at the advantages, moving offices seems like a foolproof plan. However, be wary of the following things:

  • Costs a lot of money to move – may need to pay off rent on your current contract, might pay a higher rent for the new office, will have to cover moving costs, etc.
  • Relocating to a new location is disruptive and can make you lose out on business while you’re moving
  • While productivity can increase, there’s a danger it will decrease as employees may not settle into the new environment
  • The location may be convenient from a business perspective, but it could take employees longer to get to work, leading to less efficiency

With all things considered, an office relocation can go one of two ways. It could be fantastic and lead to all the advantages shown earlier, or it could end up costing too much money and damaging business performance.

So, is it worth the hassle? Well, you need to look at the pros and cons and figure out if a move will work for you. Ideally, it only makes sense if you need to move (e.g. because you’re expanding and need a bigger office) have the money to move, and believe it will directly benefit you.

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