Part 2: 5 FREE Useful Google Research Tools For Your Business Website

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In the first batch of free Google research tools blog post, we talked about Google Trends, Google Trends for websites, Google Shopping, Google Groups, and Google Insights. You have discovered how you can utilize these tools for your business – free of charge. Now, here are 5 more useful tools from Google that you can use to enhance your business, at no cost at all!


Millions and millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube each day. You can gather important information on relevant issues, topics, or niches by watching the current most popular videos that is related to your business.Β  You can also learn effective ways on how to create your own video marketing.

Google Adwords

Are you having headaches on choosing what keywords, both short tail and long tail, you should integrate into your website copy? Google Adwords is the answer. It can give you 100 and even upto 800 suggestions once you sign up for a free account. Be as precise as you want – whether you want phrase, broad or exact match keywords. You can choose the exact match ones since the results will be more accurate. You can even browse results from various niches.

Google Suggest

Google will instantly supply you with search suggestions as you type in your keywords. All you have to do is set up your Google search page with Google Suggest. As you type in your search, letter by letter, the number of pages that vie for that particular search keyword will be displayed. With that information, you will be able to see what keywords or phrases have the highest and lowest competition. As you will see the data, you will be able to tweak the search terms for your website to your advantage.

Google Analytics

This amazing tool will give you detailed results of your website traffic with graphs. With Google Analytics, you will be able to see how many visitors your website has and which of them are directed from your various online efforts – Facebook Ads, Facebook Fanpage, PPC, blogging, etc. You will also learn which visit are converted to sales, etc.

Google Blog Search

Know what bloggers in your industry are talking about and what the major news are – in real time with Google Blog Search. By browsing through that information, you will know what your market currently wants and needs. You will also know relevant stories, developments, and more that you could use for your business. Let’s say that there are current blog posts about a certain product’s negative effect on one’s health. If that kind of product is in your merchandise, you shouldn’t promote that product at the height of the bad press.

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