Want Your Facebook Ad To Be Approved? Avoid These Mistakes.

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You’ve done your homework in getting to know the demographic of your target market. You also have carefully chosen your headline and body copy along with a good photo. You have invested time and effort in creating your ad for Facebook – and then Facebook disapproves it. WHY?! You have probably done one or more of the mistakes below:

Defective or misleading destination URL

If your URL leads to an error page, is not widely available, asks for people’s information before leading to the home page, has pop-ups, or has any kind of downloads – prepare for you ad to be disapproved. Also, the destination URL of your ad is a Facebook page, it should not be a personal account.

Unsuitable images

Images that convey any sexual, political or any offensive content is definitely not allowed, whatever your product or service may be.

Inappropriate or malicious content

If your ad even insinuates violence, negative issues, tobacco and other related materials, spam, and money scams, it will be rejected.

Poorly written copy

Facebook does not tolerate poor sentence structure, spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, and wrong punctuation marks.

Unnecessary capitalization and symbols

Your ad will not be approved if you capitalize words that do not need to be. Pointless use of symbols will also be grounds for disapproval.

Manipulation of spacing

You can’t edit your Facebook layout in terms of fonts and spacing. You should stick with single space.

Wrongful claims and statements

Your ad will be turned down by Facebook is you have claims that are not substantiated. You can’t create ads that you say that people of all ages can use but they only are effective for people over 50.

Wrong target market

If you are advertising a dating service, subscription that require money, weight-loss program, and any product or service that is only for adult audiences and you target Facebook users that are 18 and below, it will be disapproved. Ads that promote any alcoholic beverage should also comply with the legalities of the country that your target audience resides.

Too specific in addressing the target market

Of course, you can indicate you’re the demographic of your target market in your ad but you can’t be too blatant about it. You can’t put “Are you a 40-year old woman?” in your copy.

These are only some of the things that you should take note to avoid when creating your Facebook Ad. Make sure that your message is truthful and you are really willing to provide good products or services and not mislead people.

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