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How To Plan an Effective Team Training Event

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Something absolutely essential when it comes to a successful team is training. It doesn’t matter what sector you are working in or how large your company is, keeping your staff (and yourself) up to date with periodic training is crucial, and will make a huge difference to your profits too – in a positive way.

Yet for that training to have the positive effect you need it to have, it has to be effective, and if you’re in charge of organizing the training event, there are some important tips to keep in mind to ensure this happens. Read on to find out more.

The Right Venue

Finding the right venue that is going to suppose the kind of training you intend to give your team is crucial; everyone needs to feel comfortable and ready to learn, and if the venue is unpleasant, too small, too big, too far away, or doesn’t have the right equipment to provide the training, you’ll never get through everything you want to (assuming you can even start), plus the day will be a waste because no one will really learn anything.

If you’re not carrying out the training online or on your own office space where you would normally work, it’s important to ensure that the venue has everything you need before you begin, and arrange anything else, such as commercial AV design consultants ahead of time so that nothing interrupts you. It’s a good idea to go somewhere different for training as it can focus the delegates, but you do need to research everything first.

Have A Plan

There is nothing worse, or as useless, as a training session that has no clear objectives, so this is the right place to start when creating your plan. Knowing what you want everyone to have learned by the end of the day, and then plotting a path backward to ensure they get there, is an easy way to plan the training, and it means that you’ll have everything you need in place before you start.

The last thing you want to happen is to run out of time or to have too much time left over at the end of the training when no one really knows what to do. Plus, to show that you do know what you’re talking about, planning the session out, step by step, will provide your delegates with the confidence they need to trust your knowledge.

Make It Enjoyable

If you think about any of the lessons you had at school, the ones that stand out among so many others are the ones that were the most enjoyable, the most fun. It’s likely you’ll still remember what you were taught in these lessons to this day. But of course, there were thousands of other lessons that you don’t remember specifically because they were just standard, dull, uninteresting ones.

If you want your training to be remembered and to stand out among the many training sessions that your team will go through in their careers, you’ll need to make it enjoyable. Standing at the front of the room talking through slides might be efficient, but it’s not very exciting. What can you do to provide a little more entertainment mixed in with the learning? Once you hit on this, you’ll have a very successful training session ahead.

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