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How to Prevent a Lack of Communication Killing Your Outsourcing Strategy

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Outsourcing is an incredibly useful tool, made more useful by the pandemic as it gives you more access to the best tools for the job at lower prices. But, it’s by no means a guarantee of success. Outsourcing may be effective, yet this is only when you have a detailed strategy that covers common mistakes.

One of these errors is a lack of communication. Without communication with hired third-parties, it’s almost certain something will go wrong. And if the side-effects are costly, it could take weeks or months to recover.

The key is to prevent a lack of communication in the first place, and here’s how

Get to Know Your Partners

Managers are quick to make snap decisions. Although you can learn a lot from a first impression, there is a lot more under the surface you need to inspect. Let’s face it – individuals and companies are masters at presenting their strengths and hiding their flaws. By learning more about your potential partners, you can figure out how they operate in terms of communicating. Do they reply right away? Do they ignore their customers? Do they value it as much as you do? Contacting them under a different name will reveal a lot about their processes.

Don’t Give Them Too Much Scope


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If you see outsourcing as a way to get a project off your hands, your attitude is wrong. Outsourcing not only saves time, but it increases standards and boosts brand awareness via high-quality processes. As a result, it’s tempting to let the expert take care of the main duties. Business security is a prime example because it’s complicated and time-consuming. However, you require a managed security service provider that involves your team so that you know what’s next and why. The same applies to any task, from customer service to marketing.

Confirm Communication Channels

The excellent thing about outsourcing is that you can hire services from anywhere in the world. All you require is an internet connection. Of course, this means the solutions come with communication issues, such as the inability to meet in-person. A lack of face-to-face interaction isn’t the end of the world, yet it should encourage you to confirm which methods you’ll use to stay in touch. Whether it’s email, phone, or social media, the channels must be clear to avoid confusion. Video-calling software is always helpful when there are geographical barriers in the way.

Pick Up the Phone

Nothing is stopping you from initiating contact. If you feel like you need to hear from your outsourcer more, you should enter their number on your phone’s keypad and re-engage. At least with a quick chat, you can keep tabs on the deadline and get reassurances. Plus, you can mention that you think it’s smarter to communicate more and thrash out a loose plan. The world is a small place, so you’re only ever a phone call away, especially with free, internet-based connections.

The main thing is to recognize the importance of communication. When you do, you’ll be more proactive.

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