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Prevent Legal Trouble for Your Business: Keep It Safe

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When you have business premises that are frequented by either your staff, customers or both, you need to keep it safe. If someone were to get hurt on your business’s property, you could be in big legal trouble. Of course, having the right insurance can help to protect you, but not even that will help you out in every situation. It’s still up to you to do your best to protect anyone who comes onto your premises to prevent them from getting hurt. Read on to take care of some of the most essential tasks to keep your premises secure.

Keep It Secure

The security of your premises is one of the things that you need to consider if you want to keep them safe. Solid security will stop people getting in who shouldn’t be there or who could perhaps trouble for your staff and customers. There are various ways you might keep your business secure, including having security cameras and alarms, and having security staff. Security staff might check people’s identification as they come in or perhaps watch over the premises and deal with any problems. It could also be their job to prevent theft and other crimes.

Maintain Lifts, Escalators and Stairssign-slippery-wet-caution-315x210

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If your business is across multiple levels, maintaining lifts and stairs is one of the most important things to do. A broken lift could get stuck or even lead to a bad accident. Escalators can also be dangerous if not maintained, and even staircases can be trip or fire hazards if they’re not kept in good condition. It’s also important to help keep your business accessible, which often requires a usable lift.

Ensure the Business Premises Remain Tidy and Clean

Keeping your business premises clean and tidy will also help you to ensure proper safety and avoid injuries on your property. For example, ensuring there are no tripping hazards will prevent accidents. These could include anything from storage boxes being left out to products not being returned to shelves. Be sure to maintain ceiling tiles so that they don’t fall and injure someone. Β Cleaning your business premises also helps to maintain hygiene, which is always important but can be more so in some business premises than others. Good hygiene prevents the spread of bacteria so that your staff and customers won’t risk getting sick or passing on illness to others.

Use Signs and Warnings

Informing your staff and customers of any hazards that are present on your premises will help to protect them and your business. There are certain situations when a sign or warning might be needed. For example, a “wet floor” sign when cleaning is taking place lets people know to be careful. A sign might warn of a low ceiling, a step or a heat source so that customers and employees are informed and can make smart decisions as they navigate your premises.

Protect your business from legal action by preventing injury for anyone who uses your business premises.

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