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Preventative Pest Control Tips for Small Businesses

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Commercial pest control is necessary to save the business time, reputation, and money. The hype of social media and Google reviews for hotels, manufacturing brands, restaurants, etc., have made it transparent for the world to know one business’s insights.

Pest control is a necessity not just for residential but commercial areas too. No one will wish to see a line of ants or toxic insects marching towards your office pantry and spreading disease. This raises the need for thorough pest control inside out.

Commercial spaces like – industries, warehouses, office pantries have the bulk of inventory stored delicately. Here, discovering insects in your premises can be an alarming sign to bracing yourself for something significant. In such circumstances, it’s essential to keep a check on preventive actions to reduce the amount of suffering later.

Hack Number 1 – Install Door Sweeps

Pests sneak in through inconspicuous cracks and holes on the wall or doors, which multiplies the number of pests on your premises. Believe it or not, doors are easy targets for pests. Therefore, prepare yourself accordingly. It’s a good idea to install enough door sweeps readily available in the market at economical rates. These sweeps stop rodents and other insects from coming your way.

Hack Number 2 – Landscaping

This one is a good idea to transform your office building and make it look like a grand office campus for sure. But at the same time, it is one of the most considerable attractiveness for insects which look for such vast scope to enter your premises. There is no harm in going for landscaping but try to keep the use of trees and plants to the minimum. If already done, ensure to go for pest control timely. Otherwise, you may end up seeing a cluster of toxic insects around you all the time.

Hack Number 3 – Standing Water

Mosquitoes, cockroaches, and rats are in love with swimming in still water loaded with debris and other contaminants. This gives them enough chances to stay closer to your office premises and ruin its hygiene measures adversely. Therefore, whenever you see standing water in or around your office building, ensure to get it wiped off or go for pest control services at the earliest.

Hack Number 4 – Rooftops

This is one of the most inaccessible areas of any building. Therefore, it remains untouched and is not maintained for long. These factors make it necessary to inspect the rooftops timely, clean the dirty gutters, and keep the skylights clean. If not done, it can prove to be a significant gateway for the harmful pests to ruin your business place.

Hack Number 5 – Floor Drains

When the food waste goes down to the drainage system, we all think it has disappeared. However, it may go to an unnoticed place, but the residues can create poisonous odor leading to an unhygienic atmosphere.

Final Takeaway

Pests turn into a significant troublemaker for residential and commercial zones. From spreading diseases to ruining inventory items, a cluster of pests does a lot of destruction. Therefore, before starting to take a toll on your commercial inventory, it’s good to take preventive measures in advance.

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