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Protecting Your Brand’s Identity Is More Important Than You Think

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The idea of protecting your brand’s identity may seem a little strange at first, but once you realize just how many copycat brands and products there are in the world, it’ll make total sense. There are plenty of people out there that really have no shame in copying a product or even an entire brand. We see it a lot in cheap electronics stores that sell fake products and copycats. Some of these products do work and they’re surprisingly good, but the majority are made with cheap materials and are only bought because people mistake them for the real thing.

Protecting your brand’s identity is fairly straightforward once you prepare your defenses, and there are a couple of simple strategies that can help you win the war against potential copycats.

Copyrighting Your Logo and Brand Name

Copyrighting your logo and brand name ensures that nobody else can legally use them. Of course, you’ll still get people trying it now and then, but you’ll have legal grounds to sue them and stop them from trying to mimic your brand.

Check If Your Brand Name Has Been Taken on Social Media

Ideally, you should be looking at social media to see if your brand name has been taken or not before you decide to launch your company. However, it’s never too late to try and contact the person that currently has the social media handle that you have to see if they’re willing to give it up or even sell it to you. Social media marketing has become a staple for any business that wants to succeed on the internet, hence why it’s so important to establish your presence on as many platforms as you can handle.

Buying Other Versions of Your Domain

One trick that copycats use is to take a domain name that is similar to your own so that people might accidentally visit it. For example, they may take your domain but use the .org or .net extension instead so that people might accidentally reach the fake website instead. They might also add or remove a few letters that could be seen as common typo mistakes. Ideally, you’ll want to take other versions of your domain name and redirect those pages to your main website.

Should You Hire a Legal Team?

Hiring a legal team is something that you should take into consideration if you feel that there are many copycats stealing your product ideas and building successful businesses from them. You may want to look at Zarwin Baum lawsuit discussions and other resources to see if you’d be successful. You could also consult a legal expert that understands copyright law to see if you could win a case against a copycat brand.

Despite the worry around a brand copying your products and ideas, your identity is usually something that is easy to protect as long as you’re vigilant about removing any potential fakes. Stay on the lookout for brands that attempt to mimic your identity and show your audience that you’re better than them.

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