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Q&A: How Social Media Is Shaping Your Customers

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businessman_in_the_office_2  Our answer:

Social media has changed how marketers connect to consumers. Before, it was just a one-way street with traditional media (above-the-line materials like TV, radio, print, billboard, etc.). Now, instantly, you can relay your message to the consumer and get feedback right away. In real time, you can manage relationships with your target market and also control your business’ image. The way to talk, the speed of your response / service, everything you do on social media will support the image that you want to exude.

The growth of the business relies on the satisfaction of the consumer. On top of offering good products or services, we should always maintain good customer relations / after-sales service. With social media, my clients and I are able to keep the lines open with our customers. Positive feedback is immediately thanked and negative ones are immediately worked on. Social media lets me connect with more people, both current and future clients. It also helps me be more efficient since with just one post, I can talk to a number of people. With millions of people on social media, business owners will save a lot of time and money while reaching more people.

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