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Q&A: What's Facebook, Twitter, Social Media Buzz worth for your business ? Can all the Buzz you created on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, reliably increase profits for your business for the next decade?

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social_media_ii2-300x228  ANSWER:

Buzz generated traffic may last only for a short time, which is why to be able to increase your business’ profits with the help of social media, you should be able to sustain that buzz – for its beneficial effects not to wear off. So yes, all the buzz created on top social sites that are relevant to your business can help increase your profits. You can’t just rely on β€œone hit wonders” in the social media world. You reap what you sow. If you do put time and effort in creating effective and relevant content on the right avenues, you can sustain a buzz for your business to benefit from. Yes, it may not always be at peak but you can definitely prevent for your social media marketing effect to be zero.

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