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Why You Should Hire Someone to Blog for You

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keyboard  As for 2010, there were over 100 million blogs on the internet (just imagine what that number is today).That translates into 50,000 new blogs popping up PER DAY.  If you stop to think about how mind-blowing that number really is, you may find yourself wondering who in the heck would actually read your blog, if you were to jump on the blogging bandwagon.  Of course, these doubts last only until you find that your competitors are having a grand time entertaining clients on social media and then leading them gently but surely to their websites.

Trust me, you’re not the only one becoming mindful about the power of blogging. A great number of entrepreneurs and corporations are now convinced they should start a blog now before they are buried by the loud and widespread online presence of their competitors.

Ok, so it’s settled, you NEED to start a blog.  Now what?

Ahhh, the question of who’s going to write your blog. The answer seems to be obvious. You want it to written by you, of course.  But before you jump in headfirst, keep in mind that good blogging is not just happily typing your thoughts for the day or posting a couple of impressive photos or videos.  A blog is like having a nice kiosk outside your business that attracts pedestrians, engages them and then calls them to come inside, where the real action is. Would you, as a manager or store owner, have the time for this stuff? Probably not.You would rather spend your precious time strategizing, leading, and solving your business’ top concerns.

The good news is you don’t have to feel guilty about not writing.  The well-researched, wonderfully written post that you recently read from your top rival need not come from the one who built the business from the ground up or the top marketing officer.  And for good reason. You’ve read it before: focus on your core tasks; delegate the rest. If you’re still not convinced, consider these top two benefits you can get from outsourcing blog writing. That is, if you hire the right blogger or team.

You get quality content

Nobody dares to refute that quality content is still king. Every post must be timely, informative, relevant, interesting, and entertaining. Yes, it should also be appealing to the mind, eyes and ears. Readers look for content; search engines have become so smart look they look for the same thing. You may have what it takes to deliver this, but do you have the time? Even if you have the time, given all the higher priorities, you may not get beyond three months of blog life (sadly, most bloggers quit at this time.) Let someone write it for you to be able to sustain it.  You need someone who can research, with the perspective of an outsider looking in, and present it in the language of the target reader. People who write quality blog posts for a living usually have enough experience to give voice to the message you want to deliver. They know where to find the right info, how to package it into a nice article or post, and keep doing so regularly.

You get the traffic that you need

The mission of driving traffic to your website makes blog writing different from writing for your local newspaper. Blog writers do not only “write” in the traditional sense of the word, they also write for the search engines with the best tricks and secrets of the trade (called SEO). Because blogging is quite dependent on technology and trends, blog writing services must ideally include brainstorming about the target market (plus its needs and interests), submitting to directories, and monitoring results.  Why? The purpose of your blog, first and foremost, is to engage your end readers.

In a nutshell, you could be wasting more time and losing more money while waiting for another month or quarter to launch your blog. Now is the time you do it. Let the best do it for you.

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