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The Role of Surveillance System in the Ever-Evolving Digital Landscape

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Many countries are leveraging the power of surveillance systems to monitor movements and crime. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, the rise in the demand for such systems is evident more than ever.

As per the FBI reports, the US faces burglary every 12 seconds, resulting in a loss of 3.4 billion US dollars in property and at a personal level. Another report by the same organization said that nearly 60% of the commercial burglary cases happen after the employees return to their homes or when they are not on the job location.

Keeping this in mind, are you confident enough that your business is well- protected? If not, then this is the high time that you invest in installing an effective surveillance system.

Therefore installing an effective video surveillance system helps you in many ways in which you can’t even imagine. But wait a minute! Why do you need it? Is it really very important? Let’s get all the answers by scrolling down a little!

Which Industries Can Use This Advanced System?

Many industries, irrespective of size or niche, such as IT, retail shops, corporate offices, “construction facilities” can use this system to enhance the safety of the premises in many ways. Plus, since it becomes a little difficult to manage all the things by managers and owners, these surveillance systems allow the management to identify the difficulties and performance of all the employees.

Why Do You Need It?

According to a study, installing CCTV cameras contributed to reducing the crime rates to nearly 15%. This is just one part of the story. It has many purposes beyond that. Let us unravel it and see how it can make a difference to you.

  • Prevention of Crime – The foremost is the prevention of crime. Approximately 60% of burglaries happen due to forcible entries. It means forcibly entering the premises by breaking the doors or windows. According to another study, there are currently over 270 million reports of business theft at the global level. What does all this prove? It proves that installing a powerful security system puts crime cases at the backseat. Whenever the thieves witness that you have gone an extra mile to protect your organization, they will become fearful of harming the workplace. And that is what exactly you want.
    • TIP: Your employees should not feel as if you are ruining their privacy. Review the footage only when required to avoid unnecessary monitoring. After all, your workers want to be protected, not observed.
  • Better productivity–No wonder that the best possible security arrangement will record the activities of your employees as well. Due to this reason, they become more productive and hence tend to waste less time. If you feel like they are going out of their way to take the business to the next level, then you can give a thought to reward them. Further, what are the biggest assets for any organization? If you are assuming that it is the employees or the workers, then you are right. Therefore ensuring their safety is of supreme importance. With the CCTV and video monitoring, you can see what is happening, what are the areas that need improvement. This prevents on-job mishaps.
  • Preventing Liability Lawsuits – Surveillance systems can save the thousand dollars of money. How? For example – You have come back to your workplace and witnessed that the equipment is damaged. Or things are not at their place as if somebody secretly wants to ruin your office. You can easily catch the culprit with the help of a video footage. The video footage will disclose all the facts in front of you of what exactly has happened.You can report a case against the criminal. If it is a clear liability case, you are being saved from all the lawsuits coming up on your way.
  • Quickly ResolveDisputes – Disputes are part of every organization. It can be between employees or managers and employees. Technology helps you figure out things and resolve them by making a fair decision. After all, you have all the proof with cameras and video surveillance.

To sum it all up

By integrating the ultimate security and surveillance system in your business, you are depicting the commitment towards your company. And we are pretty sure that we have filled you with enough reasons as to why consider it for your business.

Technology is ever-changing and so is the business environment. So keep an eye on the latest technology and surveillance systems. It is not only helpful in preventing crime rates but also boosts the productivity of employees.

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