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Saving Solutions: 4 Ways to Cut Business Overhead

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When you run a business, you are going to have to spend money on it. That’s a given. How much money will depend on what your business does and how quickly it can start making a profit. All in all, though, it’s likely that no matter what kind of business you run, you are going to have to put money into it at some point.

Once your business is making a profit, however, the next thing to bear in mind is working out ways to reduce your overheads. The less you spend, the more profit you make, and that means you’ll be more able to invest that money back into the business without borrowing any more (and you’ll be able to pay off any initial borrowing much sooner). So how can you cut those business overheads? Here are four of the best ways to get you started.

Have a Review

If you know that the gap between your monthly income and your monthly expenditure is narrowing rather than widening, then there is a problem somewhere within your business. The close that gap grows, the less profit you’re making, and once you start to spend more money than you’re bringing in, you’re on a dangerous downward spiral that will be difficult to climb back out of.

It is at this point – and ideally before – that you should have a review. Invite your accountant to this meeting and go through your bank accounts. You need to know exactly what you’re spending money on. It might be that there are plenty of things you can cut but you’re just not aware that you’re spending money on them.

Speak to Your Employees

If you have employees in your business they are going to be able to see things from an entirely different viewpoint to how you’re looking at it all. By asking them what they think you can cut out or reduce, you might get some ideas that you had never considered before.

You will also discover what you must not reduce or eliminate. It could be something that you didn’t think was overly important, but that your employees rely on and wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without. Ensuring everyone has a say is extremely important.


Outsourcing sounds like it’s going to cost your business money and, in reality, that is exactly what it will do. However, this money can be looked at as an investment because anything you spend on outsourcing should be easily made back in terms of the time you save doing the work yourself, the quality of the work produced, and the customer satisfaction you can offer.

No one individual is good at everything; that’s why it’s so important to ask for help when we need it. The same is true of a business. One business might have a variety of different people working within it, but they are going to be people who understand the business sector itself, and not necessarily all the other elements that go towards making a profit.

In other words, your team might be excellent at sales, but are they any good at accounting? They might be wonderful at manufacturing, but how are their marketing skills? They might be able to balance the books, but would it be better to hire Hot Fix Welding for the more technical aspects of creating your products? To run a fully rounded, profitable business you need to outsource – it’s a long-term money-saving tactic that works and that makes your business better all around.


Decluttering your home is good for your mental health, and it will leave you with a comfortable, enjoyable space to be in. Why should it be any different at work? By decluttering your office, warehouse, and storeroom, you’ll find plenty of all equipment that is no longer needed but that has been stored away and forgotten about.

No matter what you have and no matter what condition it is in, someone will pay you for those items. Old office equipment can be sold off when no longer needed which not only gives you money and clears space but is also better for the environment. When you sell these items they will be refurbished or repurposed and not end up in landfill.

When you’re buying new items, trying to buy refurbished and used equipment too. Buying new items for your business is often an unnecessary expense, and when you’re looking for ways to cut your expenditure, this is an ideal place to start.

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