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Seeking Out True Equality in the Workplace

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It may just be a stereotype, but it often seems that the fight for equality in the workplace has often centered around the office. Women will be challenging for equal pay for jobs in middle to senior management levels. But the gender pay gap is far from the only issue that women face when looking for work.

When browsing through a list of vacancies at any given time, there may be a tendency for many people to assume the gender of the person that the job is designed for. But, just because a job requires a high-vis vest, it certainly does not mean that it should be a prerequisite that the employees in such a role all be male. There are many professions that need greater equality and that may mean more women pushing their way into these bastions of male dominance and showing that there is nothing gender-specific about the role itself.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

If you have a great sense of direction, can work to a time-bound target without breaking the speed limit, and are capable of spending hours each day on the road without feeling the need to get frustrated at other drivers, then there are many careers in driving jobs that you may be well equipped to work in.

While driving cars, vans, and even trucks are often seen as the man’s domain, this is an area where more recruiters should be pushing to raise the equality bar. Women too should not be afraid to go after these jobs if they like. Having a career at Veriha Trucking will mean that you are rewarded for some of the qualities that center around good and patient driving.


Again, this male-dominated industry would benefit from the pragmatism of many more female employees. While the impression is that it is hard, dirty work, this is not always the case, but even if it is, why should that be a concern? Women are as capable as men in operating machinery, and many tasks are heavily automated now anyway.

With many quite high wages being available within the construction industry, there is also plenty of scope to work in areas such as civil engineering. Again, for anyone looking to work in this sector, the effort that you are willing to put in to get the job done well does not and should not revolve around gender.

How Can You Help?

True equality in the workplace will only be reached when a role is not considered β€˜men’s work’. If you are a woman who is already working in a male-orientated business, look for ways to support and build up the confidence of women joining that trade. Getting involved in mentoring is a way that you can do this.

You will also need to be a strong voice within your role, if there is a problem, talk about it and raise awareness. Try and be as constructive as you can while raising concerns by offering solutions where possible. Often, institutional issues such as gender inequality cannot be solved by just highlighting the problem alone.

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