Startup Tips: The Key to Success

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priorities11  So you’ve decided that starting your own business is the best financial and lifestyle decision for you and your family or hypothetical family.

Once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge into self-employment, the chances that you’ve already done your research and read entrepreneurship books are high. If you’re already an organized individual, you may have already begun your checklist of actions and steps you need to take to ensure a successful business startup.

For the larger group of procrastinators, while your ideas are still as abundant as the next entrepreneur, it may be more difficult to find an appropriate place to start.

Finding your Priorities

Prioritize! You chose to start your own business and you chose to be your own boss. So setting your priorities to know what you need to do first is an important step on your road to success.

If you don’t have priorities, then someone else will step in and you will drop what you’re doing to complete their request. If you’re working on an assignment and a client requests work, know what you need to get done before you begin another project. Putting off your own work may sometimes be a necessity, but if it continues to be put off then it will never be completed.

Prioritizing your time and energy is also a big portion of beginning your business. If you feel you’re wasting time on something, then stop doing it! It’s important to know where your time is best served.

If you’re feeling stressed out on a project, know your limits. You can just as easily burn yourself out on your dream as you can on someone else’s.


You know those hundreds of Facebook friends that you don’t really talk to but have added to your friends list for one reason or another? Utilize those friends to begin networking your business. The business world is well aware of how effective social media marketing has proven to be, so take advantage of the network of friends you’ve grown into.

Networking can also be a great tool if you’re looking for a business partner or someone to help you in the beginning of your startup. Finding others who are similar minded may not be easy, but thanks to social media websites, the possibilities are endless. With the amount of sharing and reposting that’s done on a daily basis, it’s easy to connect with friends of friends who may be able to help you in your journey.

Your network via Facebook or Linkedin can continue to grow even if you only choose to reach out to personal friends.

Attitude Change

This may not seem like a relevant startup tip for your business, but it’s more beneficial than it may seem.

Changing your attitude can make or break how your plan turns out. If you like to play on the safe side, it may be time for a change. Starting your own business means taking risks that can eventually boost and promote your brand.

If you fear rejection, throw those ideas out the window. Rejection and failure are a part of running a business. You will hear no more often than you’d like and some of your products and services may fail. Ditching your negative attitude will not only be beneficial to your outlook but it can be seen in your work. Remember, clients are people too. They can see fear and they can see confidence.

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