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Storage Solutions for Warehouses: What You Really Need to Know

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Storage warehouses are a lot more complicated than they look from the outside. They might seem like giant dull square buildings but actually, they are the lifeblood of every single business you have ever encountered. They are the key to solving logistical challenges for both small and large businesses. Once products have been made, they are in a ‘ready to be shipped’ status. But you have to have your inventory stored somewhere in this ready state. Warehouses are the perfect solution because they organize your products and most importantly, they are able to be delivered to where they need to go. Essentially, they are the well that your customers drink from. This is where they get their products from. No product ever goes straight from the factory to the customer, they go into a warehouse. But your warehouse needs to be ready to receive these items itself. So what kinds of storage solutions are there for storage warehouses?

Small Product Storage

Vertical storage is the go-to for most modern storage. Buying land to build a long warehouse on is very expensive, so why not just build upwards? This is why you need prospan static shelving, so all your small products can be stored on top of each other without being crushed. These types of shelves are also very ‘open’, they have long racks and have extra support at consistent intervals. This means that grabbing products from the shelves can be done without obstruction and they can be split into sections if your warehouse design demands it. The cross support that splits the racks, gives you the perfect solution to splitting up items. There is no way products will spill over and fall on top of each other thanks to this.

Small Tools Storage

Storage warehouses all need to have their own maintenance crew. Think about what you’re asking to happen in your own warehouse. Hundreds of tons are being stored in close proximity, they are all putting pressure on the various storage equipment you’re using. This means that screws will need to be replaced over time, small pieces will have to be taken off and new parts put on again. Tray shelving is a great option for storing all your smaller items. This might be for your tools but it can also just be for smaller products that you are storing anyway. The various trays can be labelled and since they’re also stacked on each other, they can store a lot of the same stuff and make the logistics a lot simpler for your workers.

Heavy Duty

Pallets are the most basic storage equipment of any warehouse, however, where and how you store your racks is somewhat of a challenge. If you need help designing a solution, consider calling in a pallet racking safety inspections team. They can install new racks as well as help you with other heavy-duty storage problems throughout your warehouse.

The storage warehouse will need it’s own storage solutions so it can perform its intended role. Explore the various solutions you have at your disposal, such as racks, trays and statistics storage shelves.

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