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Successful Business Women Share Their Secrets

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Running your own business is every woman’s dream isn’t it, if we’re honest?

No more male bosses, being in charge of your own destiny, feeling inspired every day. If only it was that easy…

But there are some secrets that every successful female knows – and they want to share them with you..

Feel Passion for Your Business

It might seem a bit obvious, but your business should be something you feel really passionate about.  That means you’ll really understand your product or service – and its market – and have the energy and drive to succeed.

Make Sure Everybody Knows Your Namepexels-photo-1282268-315x210

A great name is more important than you might think –  it needs to be unique, descriptive, and memorable.  If you get really stuck, you can always try using a name generator – or think about the business names you remember – and why.

When you get this right, it helps build your brand reputation – and makes it so much easier to get return custom.

Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You need to truly know yourself, when you’re in business – and that means both your strengths and weaknesses.  Do you tend to be disorganised?  Find ways to address that; set SMART goals, for example – and learn the importance of uptime and downtime.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask an expert

If there are particular tasks you’re really not good at, and none of your employees have the right skill set – don’t be afraid to employ experts.  We can’t all be good at everything, that’s just how it is! So find a great accountant, hire an IT provider – and then focus your time on the things you excel at.

Communicate Effectively

You might understand how to communicate effectively with your customers – but don’t forget your employees. Share ideas clearly, establish strong communication channels, provide lots of ways for your staff to feedback to you.  Then listen and take action…it takes a big difference

Be Inspirational

Inspire your employees; don’t be shy about giving them praise and try to create a positive environment.  Nothing is worse than staff who don’t enjoy their job, are unmotivated.or even worse don’t want to come in. It’s terrible news for the success of your business – so try really hard to address any negativity.

Always Remain Agilepexels-photo-864994-315x210

It’s so important to be able to respond quickly and effectively to change – and keep your business agile. If one of your competitors starts offering something too similar to you, for example, change it.

And if you need more space – think outside of the box. Consider using portable buildings as an agile business solution. And always make your service or product stand out – never copy – innovate, innovate, innovate…

Build a Strong Team

Hire well, surround yourself with positive people and never feel too important to find your own mentor either.

We hope you’ve found these female entrepreneurs’ secrets of success useful. It’s in the power of every woman to really achieve, after all, with just a few pointers – and the right strategies.

Good luck…

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