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The Benefits of Having a Shuttle System for Your Company

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One of the biggest ways companies are moving toward more environmentally friendly policies is by encouraging the use of public transit or carpooling. This can come in the form of paying for bus and train passes or offering incentives to those who drive to work in groups. There is, however, an interesting combination of these two ideas: shuttles. Shuttles can pick employees up at a designated space and drop them off at their office without worrying about sitting in traffic. There are also a great number of other advantages. Keep reading to find out the benefits of having a shuttle system for your company.

Give Employees Pre-Work Prep Time

Employees who utilize company transport can use the downtime to prep for the day, catch up on emails, or just rest while somebody else drives. Studies demonstrate that stress-related health problems such as hypertension, stress, high cholesterol, and depression have all been linked to commuting in traffic on a daily basis.

Improve Reputation

An organization’s reputation as a desirable employer—one that values its employees and encourages a healthy work-life balance—is incredibly advantageous. When other companies see this, it forces them to consider doing it themselves, which goes a long way toward making other work cultures more positive.

Hire and Retain Employees

In addition to the health and wellness advantages, employees know they will save money on transportation costs. Thus, a shuttle service may help attract new personnel and minimize attrition. Employees also benefit from social contact. In this way, they may easily make friends with and learn about their coworkers, which gives them a stronger sense of belonging and a desire to operate as a team.

Less Expensive Than You Think

It’s possible that operating a commuter shuttle service will be less expensive in the long run than paying for employee travel or constructing a parking structure. Additionally, offering commuter programs may qualify you for tax credits. If you’re able to improve morale while saving money, that just seems like a no-brainer. This is probably the most notable benefit of having a shuttle system for your company.

Better for the Environment

Promoting carpooling and taking advantage of the corporate shuttle will help your business go green. You, your workers, and your neighborhood all benefit from fewer automobiles on the road. Many employees will appreciate that you are taking steps toward carbon neutrality and will likely think more highly of both you and the company itself.

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