The Good and The Bad: Marketing Your Local Business With Twitter

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Twitter has more than 140 million users and you want to get a share of that for your business. Before delving into the tweeting world, you must know what you are getting into. Here are the pros and cons of utilizing Twitter for your local business:


  • Twitter allows you to pinpoint your target market. You can easily locate users who are interested in your industry. But the benefit does not stop there. These Twitter users are most likely followed by ones who share the same interest. Thus, you can reach more potential clients through existing ones.
  • Twitter enables your business to create a community of believers that would give you free marketing whenever they mention you or re-tweet your tweets. Their followers would see these tweets about you and, instantly, your brand reach expands.
  • You can create a more personal relationship with your clients through Twitter. Since interactions are more informal and in real time, you can have instantaneous conversations with your market.
  • You can also enjoy instant and effective feedback from your clients. Instead of filling out a long, detailed feedback form, your customers can easily tweet their suggestions, comments, and rave reviews about your product and service – anytime, anywhere!
  • Twitter can also serve as another social sales arm for you. You can tweet your promotions, sales offers, discount coupons, etc.


  • Patience is a virtue in building your Twitter community. You need to plan and execute your actions in the beginning before you enjoy a great following.
  • Twitter is time consuming. Before you know it, you are constantly on your phone – checking for new tweets, replying to tweets, etc. You have to set only a part of your day dedicated to Twitter. Otherwise, you will have no time for other important things.
  • While you will enjoy rave tweets about your product or service, you will definitely get tweets from detractors and unsatisfied clients. You have to make sure that these β€œbad” tweets will be taken constructively.
  • In the world of Twitter, bad news spreads like wildfire. So if the need arises, you have to be quick in addressing mistakes, hearsays, and problems.
  • You should be careful with what you share on Twitter because it may harm your business. Be it your location, your plans, your personal information, etc. This could be an invasion of your privacy, hinder your upcoming plans, or worse, your personal safety.

While Twitter may a great social marketing medium, remember this so you can maximize its benefits and not harm your business: THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET! Β Want to know more on how Twitter can help your local business grow?Β Let’s talk now!

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