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The Importance Of Rehydration Throughout The Day Here In Australia

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We are very lucky here in Australia in that we get pretty good weather most of the year round apart from maybe a few cold months at the end of the year. You would be forgiven for not drinking enough liquids during the colder times of the year but for all other times, you need to make sure that you are properly hydrating and drinking essential liquids. Many people seem to forget that the human body is made up mostly of water and so this has to be replaced as you go about doing your daily things like going to your job or taking care of your home. We sweat a lot every single day so we need to do something to replenish any moisture as it leaves the body.

As an employer, it should be your goal to get the best out of your staff so that they are more efficient and more effective every working day. If they are dehydrated then they will have low energy levels and they won’t be able to do the job that you hired them to do in the first place. If they are too busy then they are not stopping to consume liquids and this is when you need to address the problem at the source. By investing in drinking fountains and then placing them strategically around your business, you can be assured that your staff are consuming enough water every single day. If you feel that this is an unnecessary expense and you need more convincing about why it would be a good reason then maybe the following can help.

  1. You have happier employees – Every employer knows that if your employees are happy then they are definitely more productive in the workplace. If they are walking around thirsty because they can’t find a drink anywhere then this will lead to frustration and it can be fixed quite easily by just placing a drinking fountain where they need it the most. It also lets your employees know that you have their best interests at heart and even though you are looking out for your business as well, it will be appreciated by those who drink from it.
  2. Productivity will certainly go up – If your staff are properly hydrating and drinking water then they will have their optimum energy levels and so you will find that production levels will continue strong and maybe even go off. Being dehydrated causes a number of symptoms like tiredness, muscle cramps and really low energy levels. This is why you as an employer need to keep them hydrated at all times and they will reward you with hard work.

You also need to be putting your best foot forward every single time when prospective clients come to your business premises and if they see that you are taking proper care of your staff by providing water fountains then they will get the reassurance that you will take proper care of their accounts when they sign on the dotted line.

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