Tidiness and Space Offers a Helping Hand with Home Design

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Renovation is great, but when there is a distinct lack of order, there is no way that you can adapt the space to your needs. Do you lack storage space in the house? Cladding one of the walls in the living room in a closet adjusted to a depth of at least 60 cm is an excellent solution for storing all our equipment. You can choose a cabinet with opening doors by pressing, which creates a smooth cabinet with an elegant and clean look. You can leave some of the storage space visible and create display niches that give the closet a lighter look.Β  Placing unwanted items into storage for use later down the line is an inviting prospect; therefore you should consider storage space before any heavy renovations.

Once you have organized the space well, you can focus on the type of design you want. Whether it’s a light renovation with decorative elements changed, or if you’re wanting to restructure. Either way, you can add the best elements to your home when you have the space to inspire.

Rich Textures

A great way to upgrade the spaces in the house and the design of the living room in particular is to add to it rich textiles in a variety of colors according to the color palette set for the space, in a variety of shapes and textures. Always try to do a mix – choose some of the pillows in a solid color, some with varying patterns, you can even some with illustrations of these or other characters. It is recommended to vary the fabrics and sizes to create interest and remember that you should use colors that inspire.


Adjust the size of the furniture to the living room space. When you come to make a decision about adjusting the dimensions of the furniture in the living room, use the law of thirds. The size of the sofa should be about two thirds of the size of the wall. You do not want to compromise on space; even if your room is now tidy, smaller spaces will feel cramped even with too much furniture in situ. The only exception in the law is the rug, if you want to choose a rug to cover the entire floor area then this will not hinder your space.

A Power Wall

There are countless ways to create a power wall and you can choose to work with simple and inexpensive raw materials like paint or wallpaper. On the other hand – the sky’s the limit and you can go wild with special tiles, unique wood cladding or interesting carpentry design. To emphasize the wall, it is recommended to use the right lighting and incorporate minimal lighting fixtures that will emphasize the wall. This will act as a focal point and bring light and focus to this one point. It will allow you to play with space also; but keep the colours light, opt for the neutrals to create the optimum feeling of space.

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