Tips for How To Expand Your Clientele as a Hairstylist

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Being a hairstylist is rewarding. After all, you get to use your creativity and style to make people look and feel beautiful. And a crucial part of getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor is having a healthy client list. So, check out some of these tips for how to expand your clientele as a hairstylist and learn about the simple yet effective ways you can get more people into your salon.

Invest in Mentorships

It might surprise you to learn that investing in the education of young hairstylists in your community can have a considerable impact on your client list. When you take the time to start an apprenticeship program in your salon, you’re helping people around you forge a path to success.

But more than that, you’re exposing the quality of your work to a younger demographic that needs your products and services. The more you mentor them, the more family and friends your mentee will bring in. So, if you’re looking for a unique way to get more clients, starting a mentorship program is a great way to garner more business while giving back to your community.

Offer Promotions and Cash Discounts

There are also more conventional ways to attract new clients, such as special promotions and discounts. For instance, you could use specific platforms to set up giveaways for premium products. You could also send out monthly coupons or provide free products to those who refer a friend to your salon. You can easily advertise these deals using social media.

Many salons have found a lot of success expanding their client list by offering cash discounts. Cash discounts are especially beneficial because they allow new clients to experience your services for the first time at a much lower rate. This empowers them to decide if they like your work enough to come back. Doing these things will draw new customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Market To Your Community

If you’re looking for tips for how to expand your clientele as a hairstylist, nothing beats hitting the pavement and marketing to your community directly. Take advantage of any business fairs and other events where you can network with consumers or other professionals. Get your salon’s name out there!

Consider building partnerships with other stylists around you. If you find they can’t provide certain services and you do—and vice versa —they might send some of their clients your way.

Hopefully, these tips can help you find an effective way to get more clients into your salon. Then, you can continue making people feel beautiful and doing what you love.

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