Ways Offices Can Recycle More of Their Waste

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While companies in the past usually did not care about the environment, businesses today constantly strive to implement more eco-friendly policies. These policies benefit not only the environment but also the community and the businesses themselves. To help your business implement eco-friendly policies, learn these ways that offices can recycle more of their waste.

Shred Outdated Documents

Too often, employees will throw paper documents away in the trash. This practice can be harmful to both your business and the environment. If the documents contain important information, it’s easy for them to fall into the wrong hands after your employees throw them away. Additionally, recycling is the better option for paper documents since it allows people to reuse the paper.

To protect your business, always shred your documents before you recycle them. One of the five common myths about shredding is that you cannot recycle shredded paper. This is untrue. Shredding and recycling your papers is one of the best ways to help your business and the environment.

Add Recycling Bins to Busy Areas

Another one of the ways that offices can recycle more of their waste is by adding recycling bins to busy areas. Many large workplaces only have one or two recycling bins, which is not enough for all the employees to use. To ensure that your employees find the recycling bins with ease, add them to busy areas in the office.

Get Rid of Plastic Plates and Coffee Cups

Plastic plates in the cafeteria and coffee cups can contribute significantly to your office’s waste. Instead of plastic plates and cups, switch to reusable plates, mugs, and bottles. Although this might seem like a small step, it will lower your company’s waste production significantly. If you want to make these reusable plates and cups more fun, you can always personalize them for your employees or add the brand’s name and logo.

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