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Tips to Make Money from Your Blog: Yes You Can!

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money  If you decide you want to make money from your blog, you cannot be shy about it. For example, if you are going to place ads on your blog, then you need to really put up various ads. You cannot simply stick a small square in a remote corner of the blog and be done. If you want to ask for donations, make it clear and ensure that it demands the attention of your visitors. If you decide to sell a product, then really sell it, do not mention it once or twice and give up. The bottom line is that you need to be committed to making money from your blog, or not bother at all.

Use the following eight techniques to successfully make money from your blog.

Number 1: Display your selected advertising.

You need to place the advertising you have decided to put on your blog is clearly visible when a visitor first lands on your blog. This can be accomplished with images, test, video and interactive advertisements. In most cases you should place this at the top of your blog, or another place where it is sure to be noticed.

Number 2: Use in-text advertising.

Choose specific keywords that are in your content to become rollover advertisements. You need to select phrases or words that relate to the advert in some way to make it relevant to your visitors. Also, be sure to color the advert text in a different color from the rest of the text to really make it β€œpop.”

Number 3: Find sponsorship.

There are advertisers that will pay you to place their ads within your specific posts. In some cases they may offer to sponsor your entire blog. If you want to find sponsorship you must be willing to reach out to people or businesses who are offering a product or service that relates to your blog. This way your audience will be interested in what they have. If you have a mommy blog and receive sponsorship from a motorcycle parts company, chances are your visitors will not be interested in the advertisement, which will ruin your chances to make any money from this sponsorship. Instead focus on companies that are related to what you offer, mommy blogs should stick to products for the house or geared toward children.

Number 4: Invest in affiliate advertising.

When you add affiliate links to the products and services you have online you can make money from your visitors visiting those links and making a purchase. Again, choose carefully, as you need to find affiliates that have something in common with the content you publish on your blog.

Number 5: Create premium paid memberships.

You need to charge your visitors to access exclusive parts of your blog. When you do this you must offer valuable content to these subscribers, as they will be paying money to view the content.

Number 6: Work to promote various advertisers services or products.

You can use specific keywords to turn into rollover advertisements for various advertisers. This will be visible when a visitor comes to your site and hovers over a certain work or phrase in your content.

Number 7: Sell your own merchandise.

Take time to create a product and then sell it on your blog. This will provide you with almost a 100 percent profit opportunity.

Number 8: Monetize your video content.

For every video that is on your blog, create a link to a relative product.

There are many ways to make money from your blog; the key is to find a method that works for you and that will appeal to your readers. Once you have decided what you wish to do, commit to it until it is successful, remember your blog will not make money overnight (in most cases) but with time and dedication, you can have a blog that generates a substantial stream of income.

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