The Top Advancements in the Haircutting Industry

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Business technology is ever-evolving to better meet the needs of the modern world. In fact, no matter what industry youโ€™re in, the chances are good that your own company has a few wonderful opportunities to incorporate new technologies. Even those who own a hair salon business are able to serve their clients more effectively than before, sparking the continual growth of the field. These are some of the top advancements in the haircutting industry and how they can help you in your salon business.

Digital Appointment Management Systems

One of the largest changes happening in the hair salon industry is the development of digital appointment management technology. These systems allow clients to set up their appointments online while clearly organizing them for your reference on the clock. This way, taking down information requires less manpower, and your clients receive a better customer experience overall. Appointment management technology also allows you to create separate schedules for different hairdressers or block out days that youโ€™re closed.

Color-Blending Machines

Color-blending machines are also becoming more common. In the past, stylists had to spend a significant amount of time mixing hair dyes to get the desired color just right. Now, these devices allow professionals to input the hue their client is looking for while maintaining complete control over the result. This method produces better quality results and completes the dyeing process much more quickly.

Swivel-Handled Cutting Shears

Another top advancement in the haircutting industry is the invention of the swivel-thumb handle for professional cutting shears. This invention helps improve a stylistโ€™s cutting posture by making it easier for them to keep their hand more open while using their shears. As such, swivel-thumb scissors provide several important benefits, including reducing the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and improving the quality of certain cuts, including the fade haircuts listed in this article here.

Anti-Frizz Dryers and Straighteners

Many salons even have access to new state-of-the-art drying and straightening appliances that donโ€™t cause frizz. Believe it or not, heat and chemical exposure are ultimately what cause hair to frizz. As such, these tools help style hair while minimizing direct contact with heat. This updated technology, combined with a quality hair-protecting product, can reduce the amount of fizziness experienced when the appointment is over.

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