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Top-Grossing Apps and Their Marketing Strategies: What You Can Learn

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You may have heard of top grossing apps bringing in some serious cash, but did you know that these apps are projected to bring in around $270 billion in the next four years? There’s something to be said for all of the countless downloads and appealing online culture that the top grossing apps have had in the past year.

When examining the digital marketing tactics of these apps, developers and business owners can learn from their success and following. Implementing these helpful tips can help not only make you more tech-savvy but also help broaden your marketing outreach.

Do Free Apps Actually Make Money?

The short answer is: it depends. App Store research shows that the top 200 apps earn about $82,500 per day. This income comes from advertising and valuable app monetization strategies. A few successful free apps include:

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • ZOOM Cloud Meetings
  • Google Maps

Top Grossing Apps

Top grossing apps are projected to rank in billions within the next few years. The upward trend of the grossing apps has shown to be constant and improving by the minute. By keeping up with the trends of top grossing apps, businesses can understand what marketing trends are succeeding.

A few of the most important top grossing app statistics include:

  • Android and ioS app revenue totaled $111 billion in 2020
  • TikTok, YouTube, and Tinder became the top grossing non-gaming apps worldwide in the early months of 2021.
  • Mobile app revenue is expected to rise to around $935 billion by 2023.

Hottest App Categories

Among the countless app categories that users explore, five categories that have shown to be the most popular. The apps in these categories exemplify effective marketing strategies such as community attitude, influencer appeal, and in-app purchases. The most profitable app categories include:

  • Media and entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Gaming
  • Dating
  • Social media

If you think that your marketing outreach or business could benefit from top-grossing app insights, visit Clevertap to learn more about how you can increase your overall revenue and success.


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