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Do Veterinarians Need Insurance? Know The Facts

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A veterinary career is lucrative and fulfilling, whether you join a clinic or run your practice. You can make good money and get personal satisfaction by treating animals and supporting their owners. However, the stakes run high, and there are some risks you have to deal with as a veterinarian, just like anyone else in a health-related profession. It makes sense to cover your risks with insurance so that you have peace of mind even when unforeseen and unexpected events happen. Here are the areas that insurance for vets should cover.

General Liability Insurance

If you run a private clinic, you must have general liability insurance to cover your business from claims for bodily injury or property damage at your clinic.Β  The coverage can save your practice during situations such as slip and fall incidents with clients or an employee damaging a client’s pet crate. However, general liability will not cover you for errors in services, and you will need professional liability insurance for covering such claims.

Professional Liability Insurance

Even the most qualified and experienced medical professionals can make mistakes while treating patients. If something this unfortunate happens, you can expect the pet owner to sue you for the alleged mistake or malpractice. The lawsuit can be expensive, and things get even worse if you have to compensate the patient. But professional liability insurance has you covered for both.

Disability Insurance

As a veterinary practitioner, you can make a lucrative income every month. But there is always a risk of losing your working capacity if you are sick or injured during your working years. Fortunately,Β disability insurance for recently graduated veterinariansΒ and established practitioners has these professionals covered. It will ensure financial stability even in the event of disability and disruption of work.

Business Property Coverage

With business property coverage, you get the protection of the physical structure of your veterinary practice. It also covers everything inside, such as surgical equipment, exam tables, furniture, computers, and more. Your property is protected in the event of theft, fire, and any other mishaps included in the policy. It is a smart investment for vets running a private practice.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Like any other business, your vet practice relies on equipment such as electrical and phone systems, cleaning tools, and more. Equipment breakdown coverage comes to your rescue when expensive equipment breaks down and needs to be repaired. It also replaces the lost income and other expenses caused by the breakdown.

Data Breach Coverage

You can also opt for an insurance cover to protect your practice against a data breach. Such breaches expose and endanger the confidential information of the clients. They are a big concern for modern practices as clients prioritize their private information and even file lawsuits if there is a breach.

Getting your practice insured is important, whether you are just starting or it is an established one. Even vets working with clinics need to cover themselves with disability insurance. It is a worthy investment in your career and business, so you should pick the right insurance without thinking twice.

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