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What To Consider Before Opening an Auto Repair Shop

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Being your own boss and owning a business is the American dream for many people. If you’re a mechanic or in school to become a mechanic, you may be thinking about opening a shop. These are a few things to consider before opening an auto repair shop.

Become Certified

An ASE certification isn’t required to repair vehicles, but you’ll find it’s easier to finance your business and get liability insurance with it. The ASE certification indicates to customers that you are the real deal. It’s a great marketing tool, and customers can come to you with confidence that you’ll get the job done. To qualify for certification, you’ll need to have a combined educational and work experience of a minimum of two years, with one of those years taking place on the job.

Understand the Start-up Costs

Starting your own business isn’t cheap. Take time to understand the up-front costs you’ll need to get the company going. Figure out items such as:

Will You Be a Specialist?

You can be a specialist in 16 different specialties in ASE certification, including school bus, truck equipment, and collision repair. If you want to become a specialist, make sure there’s a demand and a need for that specialty in the area.

Obtain Legal Advice

There is more to a business than opening a shop and having customers. You’ll need a business license before you can open a shop. You’ll also need to understand the regulations of liability insurance requirements, open up accounts for tax purposes and payroll, and conduct any other pre-sale steps. A lawyer will be invaluable to you during this time. Obtaining reliable legal advice will save you from making mistakes before you open an auto repair shop.

Market Your Business

Marketing is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business. A grand opening is a perfect idea to show customers the company and bring in potential clients. You can advertise special discounts for those who attend, paving the way for more customers.

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