When Is It Time To Hire A Personal Assistant?

hand-over-keyboard-1377963-m  Many business owners will eventually hire a personal assistant. There are so many tasks to complete in a given day simply to keep your business running. Having someone to help you with those tasks can free up more time, get more done, and alleviate at least a marginal amount of personal stress. When is it the right time to hire a personal assistant though? This is a big decision since it is another person on your payroll.

Too Much To Do

If your schedule holds more items than you can complete in a reasonable amount of hours each day, it may be time to hire a personal assistant. Letโ€™s say, for example, that you have approximately twelve hours worth of work to complete each day. Hiring a personal assistant can help you to decrease that amount of time by 25% to 50%. That means three to six hours worth of work can be passed on to your personal assistant, freeing up your schedule for more personal time.

Extra Funds

If your company is doing great and you have plenty of extra funds available, there is no reason you shouldnโ€™t hire a personal assistant. These useful helpers can complete many of your tasks for you and they do not cost as much as people think they do.

Too Much Stress

If you find that the stress of running a business is getting the best of you, it is definitely time to hire a personal assistant. If funds are short, think about hiring someone on for just a few hours each day. A personal assistant is able to organize your things, complete various business tasks, and keep track of your schedule or appointments. Having someone for just one or two hours every day can help to vastly decrease your stress. Donโ€™t allow your stress to overload you before you reach out to get some help with things. Stress is incredibly bad for your health, so it is best to head these things off before they get out of control.

You Arenโ€™t Organized Enough

Not everyone is a well organized person. Personal assistants, however, are. It is actually part of their job description. If you lack great organizational skills than it is definitely time to hire a personal assistant. They can help you to set up an organizational system, and keep track of your important appointments, amongst other things. For the disorganized business owner, a personal assistant is a necessity.


Most business owners will eventually hire a personal assistant. It is only a question of when they will need to hire one. If you have too much to do, extra funds, too much stress, or are not organized enough, then  now is the time to hire yourself a personal assistant. If none of these items applies to you and your business yet, you may want to hold off on hiring a personal assistant until they do apply.

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