Why Millions Of People Are Addicted To Pinterest

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In just over 2 years, Pinterest’s fanbase reached 10 million online users. Every single day, millions of Pinterest people post, re-pin, and like millions of images worldwide. It is suffice to say that this online site is a great marketing tool for businesses, both big and small. It would be an advantage for you to know why people love Pinterest. The information below will help you utilize this amazing site for your business marketing.

Why do people love Pinterest?

It’s simple. Pinterest is user-friendly – its layout is not cluttered and the navigation is so easy! Both business owners like you and the target audience won’t have a hard time monitoring their accounts and the ones that they follow.

It’s very popular. Pinterest is one of the top 20 social media sites in 2011. It has captured the attention of millions of people and they like how it works.

Ease in engagement. The people behind Pinterest made it so easy for its members to manage the content of their boards. Plus, the viewers also enjoy the simplicity and no-nonsense browsing and interaction. Gaining popularity is not difficult in this networking site.

Easy as 1-2-3. The process of pinning, re-pinning, liking images is idiot-proof that even those who are not techy-savvy will be able to understand the concept of Pinterest in no time.

Spreading like wildfire. The simplicity of sharing images enables an image to be shared to a million people even in one day! You will not believe how many people will re-pin or like an image of yours once it catches their attention.

These are only a few of the reasons why both business owners and personal account holders love Pinterest. If you still don’t have a Pinterest account now, then it’s time you create one. You will be amazed on how amazing it is as a marketing tool for your business.

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