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Why You Feel Unproductive At Work

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You have it in mind to achieve all your goals for the day but keep doing the bare minimum. There is also the issue of missing deadlines and falling behind at work. This isn’t a good practice; keep doing this, and your business or career will go down the drain. This is not something you want after you have already put in the hard work. Now is the right time to figure out what is going wrong and root it out once and for all. Here are three reasons why unproductivity has become your new companion and how you can show it the door. 

1.  You Struggle with Managing Your Time 

There is no underestimating how important time management is, especially if you are a business owner or career woman. But many people don’t know how to use their time well and end up with unfinished work and more stress. Maybe you are in this group, and you wonder why. Well, you can quickly lose track of time if you find yourself being distracted by your phone, colleagues, or family (when working from home). Multitasking is also another culprit. The truth is that you will waste more time if you try to do many things simultaneously. So, make it a point to remove all distractions and concentrate on handling one assignment at a time. If necessary, make use of technology to arrange your day. You can download apps that help you monitor your scheduled projects. 

2.  You Are Burnt Out

As an entrepreneur or career-oriented person, you aim for nothing but excellence. But be careful- you can quickly become carried away in the various tasks and stress yourself out. If care is not taken, burnout may be the next phase. It can be very subtle; you may not know you need a break until your body starts to protest. You may already be there if you lose focus easily and always feel lethargic. It is even more concerning if your interest in the work you love starts to diminish. Don’t wait until you are completely taken down; take yoga classes or go on a vacation to recharge. Don’t take more than you can do. Instead, reject tasks more often if you feel stressed. Sleep is also a good treatment for burnout, but you can try sleep aids like CBD or herbal teas if you struggle with this. 

3.  Uncomfortable Environment

Your work environment can make or break your productivity, so pay attention to this. You want your office to boost your motivation and satisfaction. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to achieve this. Become one with nature by bringing in indoor plants and natural lighting. The last thing you want to see is clutter, so make cleaning and organizing a habit. You can also invest in the latest tools and technology to streamline your operations. However, if there is a poor work culture, it can result in stress and work-life distress. If you work under someone, suggest ways they can help you contribute effectively to your job or find a new job with incentives to aid you in productivity.

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