10 Surprising Places Our Personal Info Is Exploited Online in 2021

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Especially as businesses depart from brick and mortar stores to eCommerce business models and as workforces take a turn toward remote teams, it’s never been more important for entrepreneurs to have an effective cybersecurity plan in place.

And it’s no longer only about protecting your business’s sensitive information, but it’s also about protecting your customers’ online privacy and also your employees’.

The first step in doing that is looking at the places in which your business can be susceptible to cybersecurity threats, such as:

  • Checkout pages that are susceptible to formjacking
  • Video conferencing services that are susceptible to webcam hackings
  • Online banking apps and websites housing sensitive information that can be used for identity theft

Evaluating how we put your information at risk in these common places is also important. And the reality is that despite our best intentions, we often overlook how we do just this. This dichotomy in how we are concerned about our online privacy and how we actually behave online is called the privacy paradox — and breaking it should be your company’s top priority.

Check out this infographic from Norton to learn more about the concept, plus more common places our personal information — and business data — can be exploited online and pointers to ease your cybersecurity concerns.


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