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3 Reasons Why Billboards Are Still a Strong Marketing Method

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There is no denying that the way we market our businesses has changed over the last two decades. Ever since the world wide web made it into our homes, then into our pockets, we have tapped into a new well of information. No longer does marketing have to come to us, or us to it. It’s with us all the time now. The digital age has given us tablets, smartphones, and social media, and with it, targeted ads, the ability to follow businesses, and targeted social media posts.

While traditional marketing methods such as word of mouth, local newspapers, and direct mail are still effective in reaching its target audience, you may wonder about billboards. Are billboards still an effective method of marketing to a wider audience, and if so, how? Well, here are three reasons why billboards are still a strong marketing method:

Billboards Have Sustainability

Billboards have had longevity since their humble beginnings in the 18th century, and it doesn’t seem they will be slowing down anytime soon. Billboards and other signage used for marketing purposes can stay up for as long as needed, even after their use is no longer warranted. Usually placed near high traffic areas, much like other sign-based posters, they can reach a large audience for an extended period of time.

Billboards Can Reach a Larger Audience

Not only do billboards last a long time, but they can reach a large audience. According to a study done by Arbitron, billboards reportedly reached around 71% of people who noticed a billboard during their travels and found they were interested in either a restaurant or event it was marketing. Thus, it was an effective way for businesses to communicate the message with their potential customers without interruptions.

In addition to reaching their audience, there is also less competition with billboards and signage marketing methods. In most cases, all a business would need is the right location, which is why most businesses use a large banner hanging system and hang their advertising close to their buildings since they know it’s guaranteed traffic.

Billboards Are Affordable

Due to its ability to be placed in any location, businesses find that billboards are a very cost-effective way to market their business. This is because the cost is mostly determined by the location where you would want to put your billboard up for your target audience to see. In some cases, as stated before, business owners may just get a banner or signage and put it outside of their building or nearby where they know heavy traffic would most likely be more effective. In other cases, they may look for billboards near bus stations, train stations, and other places where heavy foot traffic will give them the most audience interaction.


Billboard marketing is an affordable, long-sustainable marketing method that has been around for 200 years and shows no sign of stopping. While the world has changed around it, billboard marketing continues to be effective to many business owners and could be very effective for you.

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