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3 Reasons You Need Parcel Protection for International Shipping

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Have you considered the financial risks of not protecting your shipments when sending them internationally? While there are no official figures on the exact cost to businesses when damage occurs to internal shipments with B2B or B2C; conservative costs place losses exceeding $50 billion globally, the ongoing expenses can significantly impact your bottom line. So, how can you safeguard against this?Β 

International shipping protection means you can protect anything you ship out, and should the worst happen, you won’t be out of pocket. You essentially pay an insurance premium to protect your shipments, covering the cost of the item or items you are sending.

This post is going to cover some of the benefits of international shipping protection for businesses.

Reduced Losses

Without parcel protection when shipping internationally, you will be liable to cover 100% of the losses should the parcel become lost or damaged during transit in the short term. Most carriers will cover you up to around Β£100 (for Royal Mail this is around Β£50 for tracked and signed international packages without their added cover) or currency equivalent, but this can vary from company to company. Some might offer more or less. Even when this is offered, it’s usually a lengthy process to get your money back, meaning you have to fund the sending out of a new parcel and shipping and then wait to be reimbursed and, in many cases, not the full amount if you receive any compensation at all. With parcel protection, you get to cover the contents for the full value of the shipment, so you can rest assured you won’t be out of pocket.

Improved Reputation

By adding in shipping protection for internal deliveries you can improve your reputation as a business as it allows you to resolve any issues swiftly and get the customer their order faster in the event of anything going wrong. The last thing you want is for them to request a refund because you weren’t able to act fast and get them what they ordered due to cost restrictions. Claims for damages or lost parcels with added cover are completed fast to help you reveal any issues without a lengthy wait.

Peace of Mind

It’s natural to worry about the journey your parcel takes from your business to the customer. Will it arrive safely? What if it’s damaged? By investing in additional protection, you can alleviate these concerns. You’ll have the peace of mind that if anything does happen, you’re covered. You’ll also benefit from a streamlined claim process, whether you’re the sender or conducting checks and investigations. While you hope for the best, the added cover provides comfort in knowing that in the worst-case scenario, you can resolve it quickly.

By utilising parcel protection for your internal deliveries, you’re not just mitigating risk; you’re also opening up opportunities for business expansion. With comprehensive coverage, you can ship to a wider range of locations, knowing you’re protected against all eventualities. This not only reduces losses associated with international shipping but also frees you from the worry of unexpected expenses or damage affecting your reputation, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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