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What Are Your Customers Looking At

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When your advertising is in the right place, your brand can become pretty powerful. Your customers take notice, they take action, and you make a healthy profit. But to put your content in the right place and on the right platforms, you need to know the way your average customer behaves. 

Namely, you need to know what they’re looking at. When you take this into account in your marketing campaign, your advertising ideas have a much better chance of achieving success. So let’s dissect the question; check out the points below to find out what your customers are giving their time and attention to. 

Their Personal Screens

It’s most common for people to surf the internet on their phones these days, and websites that are optimized for mobile are ranked higher on search engines. That’s why focusing on this element of advertising is the best way to get your message across to your audience. 

Using a screen most often means using the internet. As such, social media marketing and SEO are two of the best digital marketing methods to invest in, and they also go hand in hand. You can combine the two to bring people back and forth from your social media profiles and your website, driving traffic towards both, and eventually building your organic reach in the online world. 

What’s in Front of Them

It’s not just their phones, computers, TVs, and tablets. Your customers are looking at whatever is in front of them wherever they are. For you that means figuring out where the other screens exist in their lives, and to start using digital out of home advertising to your advantage. 

Digital billboards in downtown spaces are good for this, though displaying your adverts here can get a bit pricey. Similarly, if your customer waits at the bus stop, and there’s a digital screen there that cycles through a few adverts, see if you can slip your own into the roster.

Do your research into your local area and see how marketing is woven into it. Even just knowing the potential screens your customers could be seeing day by day gives you a far better insight into creative ways to advertise, without getting too intrusive or repetitive. 

Proof of Your Reputation

Your customers want to see something positive. Indeed, they want to see mostly positive things about you; while a couple of negative reviews are OK, you should have at least double the amount of good reviews on top. 

It’s proof of your reputation, after all. If other customers just like them have had a good experience shopping with you, they’ll feel safer checking you out as well. Encourage these reviews through direct feedback – if you email a customer after they’ve purchased something, with actionable questions the customer can provide specific answers to, you’re going to get the kind of review other customers want to see. 

Find out what your customers are looking at and you’ll bring them in much more effectively. 

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