Security Threats Your Business Is Currently Facing

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If you run a business, then you need to make sure that you keep it as safe and as secure as possible. If you don’t then you may run into several issues later down the line, but in reality, all of this can be avoided. If you don’t know where to start or if you want to put an end to the threats you’re facing then take a look below.


One of the top risks that your company may face is ransomware. 80% of companies all around the world face some kind of attack like this at one point. This is software that locks companies out of their computers or restricts access to data. This is usually done by encrypting information. If you want to gain access to the data then the user has to enter a code, which usually, only the hacker has access to. Small businesses tend to think that they are immune to issues such as this, but that’s not usually the case. A lot of the time it’s these kinds of businesses who are at the most risk. Criminals find it much easier to target SMEs as they don’t usually have a lot of protection in place and this can lead to issues later down the line. If you want to stop this then layer your security measures and give thought to things like penetration testing.


Another huge risk you might end up facing is phishing. One thing to know about phishing is that it’s a significant threat to your business, as people will try and obtain sensitive information from you. This could include your username, your credit card details or anything else of the sort. Traditionally, scams were carried out via text message or even via email but now they are much more elaborate. Criminals often find themselves using social engineering techniques to send out personalized messages to their targets. They also use a variety of information to try and build up a profile of who they are trying to target. Spoofing emails often go right to an account manager, with the request to send money to a customer’s bank account. Unsuspecting managers have often found themselves doing this, with the consequences being dire.

Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are also a bit of an issue. They are a huge risk for businesses. If you use passwords that are weak, or that are easy to guess then this can lead to you missing out on sensitive data, or even having your financial information compromised. This is the last thing you need, and to work around this it is a good idea for you to have a password manager. If you have something like this then you can store secure passwords without having to worry about them being compromised. This is great, to say the least, and it’s something you are bound to benefit from across several different areas. If you can keep this in mind then it’ll help you out a lot.

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