3 Situations When You Should Hire a Corporate Lawyer

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If you have never hired a lawyer before, the idea of it can sound a little intimidating. Many people associate lawyers with trouble, in their minds, but on the contrary – lawyers do far more than step in at the eleventh hour. In fact, most corporate lawyers simply advise, oversee, and assist in some of the more complex aspects of running a business.

Starting, running or expanding your company is a herculean task – so let a legal professional help you. Here are 3 situations in which you should hire a corporate lawyer.

1. In the Very First Stages of Starting – and Running – Your Company

Even if you have run a successful business before this one, it is always wise to consult a business lawyer when you are setting up your company. The first few months of a companyโ€™s life are always a little rocky, no matter how surefire or brilliant the concept may be.

Ironing out the kinks and being prepared for changes to your business model as it grows and changes are important; a corporate lawyer can oversee this, giving you advice, while ensuring you are complying with all the relevant laws in your area and industry.

Takakjian&Sitkoff, LLP can assist you, providing you with consistent legal advice in LA and ensuring your needs are taken care of when you start your new business.

2. If You Have Encountered an Issue, Report or Conflict with a Current or Former Employee

Having a team of employees all working together to achieve your business goals is an awesome feeling – until something goes awry. Even if you comply with regulations and keep your relationships with employees strictly professional, there can still be occasions where an employee is unhappy with office conduct, or vice versa.

Similarly, if you need to terminate an employeeโ€™s contract, or provide further training due to an incident – in short, if any conflict at all has arisen – consulting a corporate lawyer is in everybodyโ€™s best interests. Ensuring that you conduct yourself in the most professional way possible will help resolve the conflict in the smoothest manner possible. Plus, having a corporate lawyer present for more delicate conversations can protect your company against any liability.

3. If You Need to Liquidate Your Business or Declare Bankruptcy

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has been the final nail in the coffin for many businesses. If your company has struggled through the pandemic, or due to other circumstances, you may be considering liquidating your company or declaring bankruptcy. While this is a sad decision to make, sometimes it is the right way to go.

Hiring a corporate lawyer can help this difficult process go as smoothly as possible, ensuring you get the best out of this bad situation. For this, you should have ample knowledge of hiring the best for your case. Therefore, it’s safe toย visit hereย and seek all required details first.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a lawyer isnโ€™t the last-ditch move that it might look like in the movies – it is actually a smart business move that can save you money and protect you in difficult times.

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