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4 Priorities for Keeping Things Clean and Hygienic in Your Office

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As we slowly start to return to office-based working settings, one thing is very much top of the agenda- hygiene. The spotlight is being well and truly shone on cleanliness as a route to keeping us safe and well in the workplace. As offices are notorious for being germ traps, with workers coming together from different places, it’s important to keep them as sanitary as possible through use of good practice. This also has the effect of reducing sickness rates and absence from the workplace due to illness. So how do you make sure good hygiene is adopted as standard in the office?

Keep It Clean

It all comes back to taking measures individually and collectively to keep the working environment clean. Make sure all the right facilities are in place for disposing of waste and cleaning up spills and crumbs. Ensure there’s plenty of disinfectant spray and paper towels available, and that the floor is vacuumed frequently. Opt for non-toxic cleaning solutions that don’t contribute to air pollution inside the office or harm the environment either. Booking frequent in-depth deep cleans from a professional cleaning contractor should also be high on the agenda.

Take Measures in the Bathrooms

Bathrooms in an office can be a hotspot for germs, so extra attention must be paid to hygiene measures in this area. Make sure your washrooms are arranged well with proper toilet partitions and lidded seats to prevent bacteria from spreading when the toilets are flushed. And it might be time to replace your hand dryers – studies have found that hand dryers spread a lot of bacteria. Luckily, there are newer models available with anti-bacterial protection embedded or bacterial killing UV light as well. Providing plenty of soap and encouraging everyone in the office to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly really is the best way of preventing the spread of germs.

Hygiene in the Kitchen

Office kitchens are another breeding ground for nasty viruses and germs, so it’s worth being careful in this space as well. Common areas for draining mugs, making coffee or storing cutlery can be breeding grounds for germs. Every item used must be washed thoroughly in warm soapy water at the end of each day. Coffee, sugar and other goods normally stored in the common kitchen all leave residues that need dealing with, and must also be stored in airtight containers. Keep a good stock of washing up liquid, antibacterial cleaning spray, paper towels and hand soap in this area and have someone in charge of overseeing that the kitchen is clean each day.

Blitz Your Desk

Each employee must also take responsibility for keeping their desk areas clean, limiting personal clutter so that the tops can be easily wiped down each night.Also make sure keyboards and telephone handsets are wiped down regularly, and try to make it a rule that people do not eat at their desks, as food waste, residue and crumbs at the desk make it much harder to keep clean at all times.

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