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Using AI to Boost Productivity

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Automation and machine learning is a scary thought for many. For most, AI is what we see in sci-fi films where big clunky robots or creepy humanoids are intent on world domination. But the reality is far from this and some folk might not even realise they’re using it. Every time we do a Google search, log on to social media or spellcheck something, we’re toying with artificial intelligence – AI has become much more accessible to the average Joe in recent years, especially in a business sense.

But, will Al replace human workers?

In short, no – it does have its limits. One big thorn in the side when it comes to using artificial intelligence, is what this means for the human workforce and whether jobs are sustainable, or even necessary. What it really means is that mundane, laborious tasks can be minimised to give you time to focus on the good stuff – it’s about using it to your advantage. Cohesion is the key; work smarter, not harder.

How can artificial intelligence help your business?

Smart bid management company, Adzooma have taken a dive into what using AI actually means for a business, looking at what sort of options are available out there when it comes to AI support and the positive impact it can have.

You might think that some areas of business couldn’t possibly benefit from AI tools, but you’ll likely be surprised. There are a number of ways to streamline processes such as recruitment, administration and data analysis, giving you the best possible chance of maximising your return in these areas.

It’s estimated that as few as 23% of businesses currently use AI in their everyday processes, but this is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years as more and more companies adopt a more remote style of working.

And AI isn’t just reserved for large, corporate businesses either, intelligent software can prove itself to be an invaluable asset in any size business. When it comes to assisting a workforce, not only can it increase workplace productivity, but by association it can alleviate stress and save money, too.

How many AI-based tools do you use at the moment? Check out the piece from Adzooma below to get an idea of how AI can be incorporated into your working day…


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