6 Business Practices You Can Carry Out From Your Smartphone

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Fotolia_109766197_Subscription_Monthly_S-300x185  Considering the power that the devices in our pockets wield, it’s no surprise that they have moved far past the realm of telephones on-the-go. Mobile device manufacturers know this, and are regularly introducing devices with greater capabilities and processing power, which makes them ideal for professionals who are similarly on the go.

A recent survey conducted by the Forbes insight for Google revealed that 9 out of 10 business executives count smartphones as a necessary business tool, with 10 percent citing their smartphones as their primary business tool. Yet, many managers still don’t realize the full power of these mini-computers. To help you map out your mobile business strategy, we’ve compiled a list of six business practices that you can implement using your smartphone.


In today’s business environment, communication and collaboration are key.  With your smartphone, you not only have the ability to communicate via email, but also can download project management apps that provide quick access to other members of project teams. You can even create various groups based on individual projects, allowing users to chat, share files, and receive answers to their needs with the press of a button.

Mobile Conferencing

For many, collaboration must expand beyond infrequent messages regarding upcoming projects. Recognizing the need for expanded mobile options, online conferencing companies are now offering mobile conferencing apps to accommodate employees who aren’t always able to have a physical meeting or even access the Internet.

File Storage and Document Sharing

To obtain access to real-time information when needed, many professionals are now using mobile apps such as Dropbox to store and share mission critical data.  These applications not only ensure that your information is easily accessible in one centralized location but also give you the ability to set parameters governing regarding who is able to access what information.

Social Media Management

Every successful business recognizes the importance of maintaining social media accounts.  It’s a great business tool for keeping your customer base informed, maintaining yourself as a thought leader in your chosen industry, and reaching potential new clientele. Because most business managers are mobile, it’s important to invest in a smartphone that gives you the ability to manage social media accounts whether you’re at the office or out in the field. Wearable tech such as the Apple Watch on the T-Mobile network is also growing in popularity among those who require instant and reliable access to social media accounts anywhere at anytime.

Adding a Second Line to Your Phone

As increasing numbers of people strive to maintain a healthy work life balance, some are hesitant to hand out their personal mobile number for business matters. Fortunately, there are quite a few apps that solve this dilemma. Certain mobile apps let you add a second phone number to your existing smartphone, ensuring that your calls are fielded appropriately.

Bookmarking for Later

Have you ever come across an article you wanted to read or share with colleagues at a later date but then found yourself unable to locate it when the time was right? Thanks to your smartphone, you now have the ability to bookmark articles, thoughts, and ideas to revisit. Most applications that give you this capability store your saved articles offline, allowing you to read and share them even when you don’t have access to the Internet.

Mobile technology has provided a means for conducting business even when away from a desk. Use your handset to propel your business into greater success by putting yourself at the forefront of modernity.

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