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6 Things to Review Before Designing Your Custom Brochure Printing

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With a sea of brochures distributed every day, how do you make yours stand out? Custom brochure printing can be made to work productively for your business if you employ it appropriately. There are several areas that you need to consider before you start designing your brochures. These would enable your branding to have a durable and stronger impact on the readers while persuading them to have a closer look at your marketing material.

Designing a brochure may not be complex but making it better than your rival brands can be tricky. An ideal brochure printing is one that looks perfect to reflect your true brand identity and inform readers of your precise brand functionalities creatively. The more interesting your brochure is, the more likely it will be kept for longer by potential buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

If you are thinking about communicating through illustrations, then you need to add more!

Brochures aren’t just about graphical display; they should create curiosity about your brand and lead the viewers to a definite pathway that leads to your products. So it’s better to hire an experienced Australian Design Agency to outsource your designing needs.


Here are few facets of brochures that you need to ponder-over to design effectively

One: Define Your Purpose

How can you build a brand image when you don’t determine the way your customers perceive your brand? Nothing works better than clarity in promotions. Brochures have the potential to be used for multiple purposes so make sure that you utilize them wisely.

The first step is to define the brochures’ objectives. This will help to layout a sketch of your brochure designing and ensure that it reaches a productive end. The questions that you may answer include:

⦁ Who are you targeting i.e., your intended customer demographic?
⦁ What channel of distribution are you planning to opt for, direct mail or physical hand-outs?
⦁ What are you vying to achieve?

Determining and then sticking to these would allow for a better style of brochures that can help to immediately become a center of attention by your core customers.

Two: Decide on Your Folding

One of the distinct features of brochures is the style of their folding. There are many options you can choose from. Each one of them projects a different perception of the brand identity and intrigues clients to go through the printed contents with enhanced enthusiasm.

Not sticking to the traditional folding arrangement would also help to be easily unique. Get creative with your paper arrangement to persuade the buyers of your business’s professionalism. There is no one way to present your brochures, they can be customized in every way to align with your brand’s personality better. Materials like your product features, step-by-step guide, company history, and more detailed info can have an improved appeal when the folds are placed at the right spots.

Three: Select Suitable Fonts and Colors

Your content’s appearance will have a profound effect on the readers. It makes them know how committed you are to deliver the best services. Moreover, the projection of fonts in terms of writing style and size can make the texts easy to read and understand. Every part of the brochure including the headings, sub-headings, and details that you wish to highlight, can be distinctly recognized with the help of the font combinations. Generally, these all are the different characteristics of graphic designing which gives a brochure a desirable structure that speaks out for your business. You can learn more about the role of graphic designing in custom brochures and other marketing collateral preparations via multiple online platforms.

Likewise, colors too exude a strong impact on the viewers. The color combination can be the one that resonates with your brand logo and theme. Attractively shaded brochures often find more interested readers than the ones that look bland and lifeless. The overall visual appeal of your brochures can be enhanced with the right fonts and color scheme that successfully links the brochures to your products and brand image. So, be sure to have consistency within your marketing content.


Four: Use Good Paper Stock and Laminations

Ensure that the brochures are printed on reliable and thicker paper stock. You do not want to spend considerable time and effort on designing these brochures and then see them getting torn easily. In my opinion, utilizing the best stock for building your brochures goes a long way. It helps to keep the brochures safe from hazards and attach an exclusive feel to them. This extends in giving customers a feel of your working ethos and send a message that you are a serious manufacturer of items.

Your selection of laminations will affect durability too. Varied coatings and rich laminations can protect your brochures for a long time. They keep the brochures safe from scratches, moisture, and smudging. The appeal can be made more vibrant and lavish along with literally making your brochures shine brighter!

Five: Send the Brochures in Dependable Covers

As randomly as brochures are distributed, they can be left and forgotten by clients easily. You need to progress further than this to give the readers memorable brand imagery. The product’s illustrations, graphical projections, and similar visual infographics can all help to make the brochures seem better. While they all are a usual part of brochures that are commonly seen, you can add-in exclusive accessories to make yours look premium to the others.

One of these innovative add-ons can be customized folders to house these brochures. Imagine the impact on the potential clients’ interests when they get your brochures in alluring folders. This is bound to push them to consider your brand as being more upscale than rivals and look for more details.

Six: Get Additional Support

Do not get confused with these tips. You can always source out your custom brochure printing to have a more professional appeal for them. Apart from saving you ample time, this would help to gain from excessive experience in the printing field.

Give your readers a good reason to buy your products by packaging the information in good-looking brochures. Adding an unexpected touch can take the brand to unprecedented popularity heights.


Your buyers will gravitate strongly to your products when you present marketing info in brochures styled with the features above. A little consideration can take your brand recognition further with a big splash!

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