Attract More Customers by Using LinkedIn

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linkedin Many people use Facebook for their advertising purposes, but often forget about LinkedIn. It is true though, not all businesses can be promoted successfully on this social media platform. Services and professional do extremely well on this platform, so if you are in this line of work you simply cannot miss out.


LinkedIn is most known for its networking capabilities. When you use the social media platform, you can create the so-called first degree connections. Once you added a first degree connection, this person will then be part of your immediate network.

Finding new contacts is not needed when you just start out, since you are able to use your existing contacts from your email. Those people can be your starting point and will enable you to discover new valuable business contacts.

Improve Your Connections

The majority of companies who have a page on LinkedIn have a considerable amount of connections, but are not really doing anything with them. If you really want to get something out of LinkedIn, you will have to communicate with your contact.

Send your contacts an occasional message to keep them aware of your company, but make sure you contact them with something interesting. Nothing is more annoying than a computer generated message. You could ask them about their expertise or discuss how you can help each other in business. Once you have found a number of people you want to develop a business relationship with, you can invite them to a business lunch or dinner where you are able to discuss further proceedings.

Utilize Second Degree Connections

LinkedIn also has second degree connections that could be valuable to you. Research your second degree contact thoroughly before you decide to contact any of them. Once you have established their trade, needs and the benefits you could provide to them, you are able to introduce yourself via mail or even phone call. When you do so, make sure you mention the first degree contact that enabled you to get in touch with them in the first place. Mentioning a known acquaintance or even friend might break the ice even faster and encourage a fruitful business relationship. Sometimes it is better not to contact a second degree connection yourself and you could request an introduction by contacting your first degree connection.

Maintain Your Account

Many people only used LinkedIn so they are displayed as a professional in their field, however, they are not utilizing the potential of this platform. Connect with your existing contacts regularly, because you never know when they may be of use to you.


Sometimes it can be hard to find good business contacts if you are only using your existing contacts. LinkedIn also offers groups that you can take advantage off, especially when it concerns your area of expertise. Becoming an expert in your field and featuring your knowledge in this group will lead to many new leads and possible invites. This is a quick way to expand your LinkedIn account effectively and expose the speciality of your company.

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