Top 10 Tips To Generate Business From Your LinkedIn Profile

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  1. LinkedIn-for-Startups-300x243  Complete your free profile – This is the first thing you need to do to generate leads for your business. You don’t really need to have a paid version to do that. It helps your prospects to get to know you better, see your knowledge, experience, testimonials and they would feel more comfortable in doing business with you.

  2. Add your Twitter account – You can add more than 1 twitter account on Linkedin account. Everytime you post a tweet it shows up in your network updates (which is like facebook wall). Under the edit option on your profile just simply add the twitter account.

  3. Add a welcome video to your Linkedin profile – Yes, you can add a video to your account. There is a trick to do it and a lot of people don’t know about this. Powerful way to show your face and connect with potential visitors. Make an account on Google presentation and add a video to it. You may then post the online link on your account.

  4. Customize your linkedin profile link– Nowadays people use their personalized profile link with others and share it on their business cards. It appears on the top of your profile and is easier to remember example www.linkedin.com/YourName

  5. Gather recommendations – People you have done business with can help you post some good testimonials and that really build up trust and credibility. Ask people that you have worked with to give you recommendations and show the world how you have helped them. Your prospects would feel that this person is really trustworthy and helped so many others so he could help us too.

  6. Join Niche groups – This is the most powerful method to generate traffic and finally get more leads in your sales funnel and generate sales. Participate in group discussions. Generate traffic, build credibility and rapport, and become an expert in the industry.

  7. Share other peoples blogs, articles on linkedin – This would make them feel that you truly want to spread information and not greedy just for yourself. You are also helping the article writer in making more connections.

  8. Create your own linkedin group – It is like your own private fishing pond. One of the cool features of creating your own linkedin groups is that you can plug it with your auto responder so that these connections get your emails. These are your leads. The more people are there on your email list, the more opportunity you have and more money you would make.

  9. Creating a company page – You can really compete with the big companies out there utilizing the new features of Linkedin. A Company page is similar to facebook fan page. It is a public face for your business. You can add videos, presentations, testimonials and other cool things on it. Take the Linkedin widget and put it on your website, which says follow us on linked in. So traffic from Seo, Ad campaigns would add more connections to the network.

  10. Update your status -post tweets on twitter, change linkedin status updates, so that it shows up in your network feeds and shoots flairs to all your connection. They can see that you are a real industry expert with lot of knowledge.

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