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Being a Responsible Employer

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Most small businesses start out really small, perhaps with just you operating everything. But as time goes on and you begin to make sales and generate profit, youโ€™ll quickly find that you really need to take on some staff to help get everything done. But becoming an employer is a big responsibility that you should fully prepare for before taking on any employees.

When you have workers, you have to really focus on health and safety. It becomes your job to provide a safe workspace for them and that they are fully trained and capable of carrying out tasks you expect them to complete in a safe and secure manner.

Sure, health and safety isnโ€™t the most exciting of subject areas for small businesses. But without a good grip of the basics, you could find yourself with the moral repercussions of harmed employees, as well as potential financial repercussions, such as court cases and compensation claims. So, here are just a few different things you can do to be a responsible employer and keep your employees safe and sound.

The Basics

There are absolutely basics that you have to follow. First, you need to make sure your commercial premises are suitable. It needs to have sufficient fire exits with fire exit signs. It has to have emergency access. It has to have fire doors, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Any aspects of the premises that pose a potential hazard but cannot be changed need to be properly signposted and highlighted. For example, low ceilings and unexpected steps should have appropriate signage. You also need to have temporary signage available. This can be used to highlight temporary hazards, such as wet floors.

Fixing Issues Quickly

If any issues occur in your workplace that can pose a hazard, you need to have them repaired and rectified as soon as possible. If electrics become exposed, you need to call in an electrician. If thereโ€™s a leak of some sort, you need to call in a plumber. If concrete flooring becomes broken, you need to call professionals like K&E Flatwork. You get the gist of this point. Just keep everything safe, working and risk-free.

Make Sure the Workplace is Hygienic

Really, you should be hiring professional cleaners to clean your commercial premises. This ensures professionals who can correctly and safely clean the space complete the work to a high standard. They can hoover, wipe down surfaces, clean the bathrooms and undertake a host of other tasks to keep things clean and clear!

Eliminate Small Risks

Not every risk has to be a major hazard. Instead, other hazards can cause chronic issues over a longer period of time. Repetitive strain injury is just one example of a subtle workplace hazard. Take measures to prevent smaller risks like this, such as investing in ergonomic furniture and equipment for your staff.

These are just a few areas you can start to focus on. Theyโ€™ll make sure you look after your employees well and prove yourself to be a responsible employer!

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