Best Careers for Social Butterflies

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If you’re thinking of starting your own business but aren’t sure what field would best fit you, why not explore one of the best careers for social butterflies—after all, you should love what you do for a living! Find a job that allows you to work with the public, whether you’re organizing weddings as an event planner or giving clients a fresh look as a hairstylist.


Do you want to work with the public in a position that benefits others? A recruiter searches for talented individuals who best fit specific roles. You’ll actively scout for and interview various candidates, giving you the perfect opportunity to meet a diverse range of people.

Whether you’re working in human resources or starting your own business as a consultant, you get the chance to interact with the public and help highly skilled individuals jump into their ideal position! Consider focusing on a specific field if you’re planning to start a recruiting firm; this will make discovering the right individuals for the companies you work with much more straightforward.


If you’re looking to blend your creativity and love for people, earn your certification and open a high-quality salon! As a stylist, you’ll get the chance to keep up with the latest fashion trends as you cut and color your clients’ hair. This position is great for an open-minded individual with an eye for detail.

By starting your own styling business, you give yourself the freedom to offer your skills to the public and make client satisfaction your top priority. If you want a more versatile shop, search out nail technicians or makeup artists to join your team.

Event Planner

As an event planner, you’ll have one of the best careers for social butterflies and constantly meet new people as you take on new clients. Whether you’re planning beautiful weddings or the family reunion of the year, you’re sure to meet all sorts of personalities.

In this job, you’ll work with clients to find the best location for their event, then reach out to entertainers, guests, vendors, and more. It’s the ideal position for social butterflies who also love organization and hands-on experience. What better way to see the results of your hard work than to attend the event and watch everything run smoothly?

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