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Copywriting Optimization Tips For New Businesses

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SEO-copywriting-300x164 The first and probably the most important rule in online marketing is that content is king. Your website is as good as your ability to write a copy that is compelling and attractive to the target audience. What an effective copy does is to keep the audience on your website or business pages and separates you from your direct competitors. It also hands you an edge when it comes to search engine ranking. The tricky part here is that while working towards impressing your audience, you will have to follow strategies that will make search engines fall in love with your content. And this is where copywriting meets search engine optimization. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

1. Understand What SEO Copywriting Is All About

For young businesses it is important to understand all tools in relation to their operations. SEO copywriting is simply the art of writing a message that is useful and reads well to the audience while meeting the requirements and needs of different search engines. The importance of SEO in your copy is to ensure that your text has all the search terms that are used by consumers to search for your kind of products and services. A copy that is appealing to major search engines improves your visibility and consequently traffic and conversions.

2. Use The Inverted Pyramid

For those who know what the inverted pyramid is, it is time to use it. If you did not come across the upside down triangle in your English classes then you need to know about it. This simply means that your text should be planned in such a way that the base which is at the top should include all the important details and they should be written such that they lead to one important message which is a call to action. The first details the readers come across are what they use in determining whether they want to read on; make the first 200 words count.

3. Give A Lot In Short Sentences

While there are no copywriting rules that you need to follow in terms of length, most SEO professionals prefer a copy that is between 250 and 500 words in a page. This should also include between 1 and 4 target keywords well spread throughout the text and make them as natural as possible to prevent any awkwardness. Try as much as you can to impress the search engines and keep in mind that the search engines will not buy any of your products or services thus you need to also focus on the target audience.

4. Understand And Use Your Keywords 

Keywords should not just be chosen from what is perceived; research is crucial in this. You should conduct thorough research prior to writing your copy because it will be much harder to go back and try to fix the keywords in written texts. The recommended amount of keywords is 3 per page with more weight and priority being given to 200 starting words in the beginning of the text. Make sure the keywords are used in perfect proportions and include them in your headlines because search engine also use them in finding relevant content.

5. Always Update Your Content

Both your audience and search engines will have one thing in common, the love for content. This is not just about any content, old content will be treated as such and priority will be given to new updated content. Frequent updating and posting of new content will keep the audience glued to your site and the search engines will improve your ranks for an enhanced online visibility that will give your business a good start.

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